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Learning and Growing

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A Learning and Growing CD for children from birth to 5 years old. 8 wonderfully crafted interactive tracks that teach your child the five senses, creative movement, introduction to alphabets and numbers, role play, name recognition and so much more. These educational songs gets your child clapping and dancing to each track with well known tunes you and your child will know and love.
Review our list of available names for Learning and Growing. Alternate spelling is available for all names, for example Katelin, Kaitlyn, or Catelyn. Click on a song to hear a sample track of this Music CD

These sample tracks have not been personalized. Your Music CD order will be personalized with the child's name of your choice.

List of Available Names


Very cute idea but overuse of child’s name detracts from the cuteness!


Love it!


Thank you ...the “galloping horse” and “spell my name” songs are our favorite!


My daughter really enjoys listening to her cd! She's too young to speak actual words yet, but she does express a very excited response when hearing John sing her name! This is definitely going to be a solid product for her learning and growing, what a unique and creative idea!


Our daughter is 4 months old and absolutely loves her personalized cd. Every time she hears it she screams excitement, giggles, and kicks her feet. It always puts her in a great mood. I can't wait for her to get older so she can sing along with John Buchanan! Thank you so much!


I received a CD for my granddaughter. She loves it. John puts so much heart and soul into every song.


I have purchased several personalized products for my grandchildren. You can see from their big smile and glow in their eyes from hearing their name mentioned in the song. It really makes them feel special to know they are the highlight of the song. It's all about them.


Thank you, KD Novelties for sharing this GREAT CD! I am a Pre-K Teacher in Southwestern PA, and John made one of these personalized CDs for each of the 18 children in my classroom. He also made us a DVD with a sample song for each child’s first name with scrolling lyrics (great for early literacy). I play it just about every day for the children. The parents continue to express their gratitude and appreciation!


My 3 year-old son,Alexander, was so excited to hear his name in all 9 of these songs. He listens to it over and over again. It is so neat that John greets Alexander by name at the beginning of each song and thanks him by name at the end of each song. And how cool is it that John spells Alexander's name in the last song many times? Alexander, can now proudly spell his own name. He sings along and moves to the music. If you have a young child, you should purchase this CD. Thank you, John B.


I have to confirm everything from the previous review. I also bought them for twins who are now 5 and they can't listen to them enough. I play it in the car and they get so excited when they hear their names. The songs are easy and fun to learn and very encouraging. Highly recommended!


My son loves his cd. It's always fun when songs have your name in it.


This CD is greatly enjoyed by my twins. They love hearing their names, and they love to sing along. All 9 songs are very appropriate for my 3 year olds. This is the first personalized CD that I have heard that includes a song where my twins learn to spell their names to the tune of BINGO. In the car, they want me to play the CD over and over. Thank you so much!


Great product! This is my third CD for another grandchild--love it so, thank you!!


Pleased with the music. Thank you!

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