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X-Men Personalized Children's Superhero Book


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Your child helps Jubilee, Storm, Gambit, Rogue, Woverine, Beast and Cyclops battle the evil giant Sentinel robots. There's an explosion at the mall and a giant Sentinel robot is hunting for mutants. Jubilee and Storm are not enough to stop the robot. Your child discovers their own super power, defeats the Sentinel and is invited to visit the X-Mansion. During the visit with Professor Xavier, the Sentinel robots return. Your child distracts the robots and allows the X-Men to smash the evil robots.
  • Hard cover 6" x 9" personalized children's book
  • 24 Pages full of colorful illustrations
  • For boys and girls ages 3 to 9


Bought this for my partner and he loved it! lt came rather quickly and was exactly what I expected upon ordering.


Got the personalized comic for my 8 year old Goodson. He loved it!


Great product, thanks


I really liked the quality.


We just received our copy of the X-Men book, and it is amazing! The quality is outstanding, the structure is durable, and the story is so cute. We were looking for a special gift for our 7 year old daughter, and this book is perfect. We cannot wait to see the look on our daughter's face Christmas morning.


It shipped very quickly; would order again.


Very happy with this purchase! The company responded very quickly, within hours of my question, and the item was customized and delivered extremely fast. Everything was as described and the gift was very well received. I highly recommend this companmy and will probably be purchasing from them again in the future. Thank you!

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