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School is Fun Personalized Children's Book

School is Fun

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Who says school is boring? Not when you have to solve the mystery of spilled milk and strange noises coming from the school lockers. Your child becomes detective and solves the mystery at school and saves the day.
  • Hard cover 6" x 9" personalized children's book
  • 24 Pages full of colorful illustrations
  • For boys and girls ages 6 to 8


This is a very cute book. I used it to prepare my little one for pre-k. He loves it!


We are looking into putting my son in preschool, so I thought this would be a good book for us to read in preparation of this new stage in his life. We just had a new baby, so I am a little worried that he will think that we are trying to replace him by sending him away during the day and keeping her home. That said, this book was really cute and I think he found it entertaining. He doesn't really understand what it is telling him other than he gets to go some place that involves other kids soon. We will read it every so often in order to keep reminding him that he's going to be starting school in the fall. Hopefully by then he will have a better understanding of what is happening. Oh, he really enjoyed hearing that his two cousins are already in school and that they were included in the book. I think that helped it seem more real. The only complaint I have about the book is that I feel like it kind of teaches kids that raccoons are safe creatures when in reality they are very dangerous. The concept is made less real by the characters being bears instead of real people so hopefully kids don't think they can really pick up a baby raccoon. The art is very cute too.

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