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Looney Tunes Personalized Children's Book

Looney Tunes

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Your child becomes part of the Looney Tunes gang when they go on an adventure to have their wishes come true on the way to see the Wizard. They have to get around Witch Hazel in the field of poppies and a surprise guest is revealed towards the end. Your child will enjoy this adventure with their favorite Looney Tunes characters.
  • Hard cover 9" x 12" personalized children's book
  • 18 Pages full of colorful illustrations
  • For boys and girls ages 4 to 12


My grandson loves this book. Reading his name along with friends and relatives being a part of the story is so amazing to him. I love seeing the big smile on his face watching him read his book!


Personally, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the book. It was an over-sized hardbound book with 18 pages filled with a wonderful story about my little one and his “best friends”. The pages are thick, colors are bright, and the illustrations are full-page and oh so cute. It has quickly become a well read favorite!


Ana and I have read the book several times and she loves hearing her name, and her cousin's names which are also in the book. She really gets a kick out of being included. I try to make the voices silly and fun and she seems to enjoy the silliness and is amused by the story line too. She really responds well to the colorful pictures and fun characters from the Looney Tunes. We will be ordering another book soon, they have such a great selection including Princess books (Ana's faves)


My daughter was really excited when she heard me read her name in the book. Her eyes lit up every time I said Violet. The story also included her two brothers names and her daddy. The Looney Tunes book not only had her name and family members but also her age, town and state. It really was a cute story and very adventurous. Of course she probably doesn't quite understand it but as she gets older she will. I love personalized books because they get my daughters attention.


When we got the book I told C she had a special surprise. Hubby, M and C got comfy on the floor and started to read. From the very first sentence mentioning her name she was excited, and a little taken back that this book as about her and her adventure with the Looney Tunes gang.

Through the whole book she grinned from ear to ear when her name as read and even M, who's name was also mentioned, thought it was pretty cool. When the book as finished she came over and gave me the biggest hug ever and thanked me for such a "cool gift". I know this will be a book she will cherish forever. Hubby was so impressed with not only the personalization of the book, but by the bright fun colors, and illustrations that we will be ordering one for M too!

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