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Dinosaur Land Personalized Children's Book

Dinosaur Land

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In this dinosaur adventure your child magically travels back to the time of the dinosaurs and ends up in a tropical forest as they save the giant creatures from an erupting volcano. Your child saves the day and becomes the hero in this magical dinosaur land.
  • Hard cover 6" x 9" personalized children's book
  • 24 pages full of colorful illustrations
  • For boys and girls ages 4 to 11


Will be given as a birthday gift in April To my grandson. He loves dinosaurs and we enjoy this book immensely.


My four-year-old Brooklyn, New York great-grandson loves the book. He was especially pleased to see his two best friends’ names in the book as well. His parents help out with the actual reading.


When I was 8-years-old (I'm now 36), my mom and dad ordered my twin sister and I this book. Now that my stepson is 8-years-old, I was elated to find that this exact book is still in print, so I rushed out to order him one! He loved seeing his name and the name of his cousin and baby brother in the story as well!

I may order another one for my 9-month-old to give to him when he turns 8 to continue the tradition.


I was really pleased at the book as a whole. Great storyline with perfectly added personal touches. My nephew will love this book can’t wait to see his face when he reads it!


Great books and great service! I’m glad that the personalized books are still made! My kids enjoyed them 30 years ago and now I get to see how excited my grandchildren are when they get a personalized book!


The ordering process was quick and easy. This book was a present for my 6yr old nephew, he loved it.


I’m excited to give this book as a Christmas gift! I’m 100% sure he will love it!


My grandson loved reading about his favorite dinosaurs which included his name and cousins. It is a well made book and sure to endure countless readings. It was easy to order and I liked the ability to immediately preview the entire book before ordering. That way I could choose which one I liked the best by reading the entire book, not just a section. It is also only one of the companies I found that allows you to insert more than just his or her name but also 3 friends and a hometown. Excellent gift idea.


Great bday present!! He loves it!


Received my order today!! Can't wait till Christmas to give it to my grandson. Story is so cute. Thank you for making it so affordable. Merry Christmas to you all.


This book was adorable! It looks very professional. It also arrived quickly. I love it.


Loved this book. good quality, and we received it in a timely manner. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get a book for a child.


I have purchased many books for my grand-children before and now I've ordered another one.

The kids love seeing/hearing their name in a book and sometimes, their parents forget that it's a personalized book and gets a kick out of seeing their child's name in it, too. That actually happened once.


Absolutely adorable and my only regret is not ordering more books.


Is a cute book for little boys


This is our second order with you. We purchased a book for our son who loved dinosaurs about 10 years ago. We are now purchasing these books for our first grandson who will be arriving around Christmas.


I loved receiving Dinosaur Land for my son. He is at that age where he has learned how to read, and is getting better by the day, but just doesn't have a huge interest in it just yet. Reading a story where he is the main character, definitely holds in his interest. I think it helps him visualize the story better, keeping him interested in it longer, because he wants to hear more about this adventure he is on. This is a great book for my son, and getting to read a book with his own name in it, makes it so much more fun! Personalized children's books help build self esteem in children, and give them a want to read, because they get to read about themselves in a new adventure. This also brings imagination and magic into their lives, giving them a new love for reading. This is a great gift idea for all the children in your life. The pictures on each page are colorful and vibrant, with a story of adventure, where the child is the star! A gift every child would love.

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