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Barbie Personalized Children's Book

Barbie Goes Camping

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RARE EDITION! What little girl doesn't dream of being friends with Barbie? Your daughter is Barbie's best friend in this adventure! Barbie asks your daughter to go camping with her and the gang; Ken, Skipper and Steve. They enjoy horseback riding, swimming in the lake and setting up camp at their campsite. At night, they huddle around the campfire eating and telling stories. When its time for bed, your child shares a sleeping bag with Barbie.
  • Hard cover 6" x 9" personalized children's book
  • 24 glossy pages full of colorful illustrations
  • For girls ages 3 to 9


I think it is a great amazing idea this book . My father bought one of your personalized books 32 years ago for my daughter which she kept safe and clean and dear to her herat all these years and now I am buying it for my precious granddaughter Rosie which I am sure she will always love and value . Thank you for amazing book


I got this book in 1995 when I was 3! Some of my dearest friends also have it & still bring it out. I still have mine (with some missing pages) My own daughter is now almost 3 we read what’s left of my 25 year old book every night. I so badly want one for her. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK


My daughter loves her "special book!" Her daddy has one from when he was 3, all the time. Monroe loves that she has her own book with her name! A book we will all treasure and read time and time again.

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