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Disney Princess Tea Party

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This wonderful personalized Disney Princess music CD for children has 17 tracks where the Disney® Princesses will sing and use your child's name over 55 times! Includes a personalized birthday song making it the perfect birthday gift for your little princess. Each princess will personally coach your child through getting dressed and using proper etiquette to prepare your child for her personal invitation to the castle to join all the Disney Princesses at their Princess Tea Party!
Review our list of available names for Disney Princess Tea Party. Alternate spelling is available for all names, for example Katelin, Kaitlyn, or Catelyn. Click on a song to hear a sample track of this Music CD

These sample tracks have not been personalized. Your Music CD order will be personalized with the child's name of your choice.

List of Available Names


Super cute CD! I bought it for my granddaughter. She hasn't listened to it yet but I did. I'm sure she will love it.


It was a gift and the little girl loved it! I listened too and it sounded amazing - just like Disney! Great gift!!


My six-year-old granddaughter now 14 loved this CD so I re-purchased it for my now six year old other granddaughter I know she will love it and tea party times are coming once this virus it’s cleared for us


A cd was given to my daughter as a gift, we loved it so much we continue to buy them as gifts for others!


This is a wonderful gift to give. Children love to hear their name in a song!


Ava loves the songs with her name! She laughs every time they say her name!


My children love hearing their names in the songs!! Such a unique gift idea.


I love how well her name flows with the songs!!!

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