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Turbo Kid

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This photo personalized DVD features your child as the speed racer ©Turbo Kid. Jump in the driver 's seat, take the lead, and compete against other drivers for the championship title. The high-speed, high-energy extreme sports provide the ultimate adrenaline rush. This video encourages healthy competition, thrilling motivation and extreme fun.


Love the video


We received the video yesterday and I must say the quality of the DVD with our great grandson's picture is excellent! We loved the story line as well. My husband, son, grandson and now great grandson all have the love of cars in their blood and this video fits the bill for all. Hopefully it will bring many years of joy and become a treasured family heirloom. Many thanks KD Novelties for such a special gift and beautifully done.


My son received the Turbo Kid DVD years ago and watched it so much it no longer played. I ordered it again for him (he is autistic and red race cars are a love of his) and he just loves it. Makes a wonderful gift.


The parent said the kids are over the moon, they even sent me pictures of the kids holding their personalized DVD covers. Again I say thanks for having this product. I love being a KD Noveties Shopper, lol more orders to come. Enjoy your day!


This company/product in the words of the parent , “the kids are over the moon,” and one parent said you made a little girl very happy. I purchased 3, I doing 7 more and next year the books for the kids birthday’s. I enjoy being a KD Noveties customer.


My nephew is going to love this so so much. I am so happy I found your site


The story line could be better.


My entire experience with this company was wonderful. I am very satisfied with the DVD for my Grandson. I could not believe how good the quality of the DVD was.


Turbo Kid was slow in parts and the story was not as interesting as My Amazing Animal Adventure. My Amazing Animal Adventure kept your interest the entire time and the characters were great!


Great and easy to use. Excellent overall. Absolutely love the DVD and am sure my son will love it on his birthday.

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