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The Fairy Personalized Children's Book

The Fairy

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Your child and their friends have always wished for meeting a real fairy until they finally meet one. Your child rescues Belle who is a tiny fairy being held trapped by a Spider. The children are then invited by Belle and embark on an adventure in fairyland. A story of a great wish fulfilled. Sometimes things long wished for turn out to be less than expected, but sometimes they are even better!
  • Hard cover 6" x 9" personalized children's book
  • 24 pages full of colorful illustrations
  • For girls ages 3 to 10


Very happy with this product!


The story is fanciful and just right for sparking a little girl's imagination. There were more words on the pages than Kay was used to, but she sat attentive to listen to the story of the little girl (Kay!) who finds a fairy and goes to a fairy party. But oh, no - what will happen when goblins come to spoil the event? Not at all scary, Kay wanted to read it again and again.

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