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Hockey Personalized Sports Book

Hockey Personalized Book

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When illness strikes the hockey team members, your child takes their place and saves the game! Even though "the kid" is a little young and inexperienced, the coach of the team calls him or her to play. After an "official hockey-looking guy" rings the front doorbell, your child is taken to the arena. The coach comments that he/she must be the youngest player in the whole world. The game is intense and goes into overtime after the third period. Finally, the coach calls your child in during the final minutes to save the game!
  • Hard cover 7" x 9" personalized book
  • 36 Pages full of colorful illustrations
  • For boys and girls ages 3 to 8


This book is for my grandson for Christmas so he hasn’t seen it yet but I love it and he will to!


This book was perfect! The quality of the cover and durability of pages is a key feature for kids. The story line was great and extensive. I have bought personalized books from different websites before I found KD Novelites. I will go no where else. This was the best gift I’ve ever given. Thank you for this quality product


My son Caden changes his mind every other week about what he wants to do and what he wants to be when he gets big. For the time being it's hockey. He thinks it's the coolest sport ever right now. He is 6 years old right now so he's just really getting into books and reading. He really loves seeing his own name in a book. His name isn't one you see in books, on key chains or on other kids items that are personalized, so we always have to have it done special for him. He couldn't wait for this book to come and he was so excited to open the mail the day it arrived. He sat right down and started looking at it. He showed me all the places in the book where his name was. We read the book for bed time and he loved it. The story is cute and the pictures are bright and colorful. The story and the pictures kept his attention through out. He was very happy to see he was the "hero" who saves the game and saves the day. The book is hard cover so it hols up well. The pages are glossy and won't tear or rip easily. He loved the book and I enjoyed seeing him so happy about reading!

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