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Flossy and Jim Where are you Robot is out of stock.

Flossy and Jim Where are you Robot

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  • ISBN: 978-1-78597-905-7
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The recipient of this book will absolutely love to see that the main character of the story is named after them! Follow their story, as the robot with their name decides to hide after getting quite down in the dumps after listening to a particularly sad song.

The book is one of a range written by the good people at Flossy and Jim and is specifically designed to help children relate to everyday scenarios and understand how the world around them works. As well as their name featuring as the main character, it will also appear on the front cover and on the opening page alongside a personal message. After reading this book, they'll soon find that everyone has qualities that are different, but those unique traits make them who they are, and loved.
  • Features the child's name on the cover
  • Available in 8" x 8" hard cover or soft cover personalized book
  • 22 pages full of colorful hand drawn illustrations
  • Include a photo of the child on the last page (optional)
  • This book cannot be shipped using Express Mail - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery
  • This book only ships within the United States


Sweet book and story. Paid same price for a hardcover book vs soft cover I received from another company. Rita Hart

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