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Disney's Alice In Wonderland Story Book

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Featuring original stills from the Disney archive, the Personalized Alice In Wonderland Storybook will become a gem among the collection of any true Disney fan. Inspired by Lewis Carrol’s 1865 novel, Walt Disney transformed Alice into one of the best cult classics in animated history, now available as this classic collector’s edition Storybook. The recipient will reminisce their favorite characters like Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum and the White Rabbit!

This personalized Disney book features your child's name embossed on the cover.
  • Child's name appears on top of each page, not throughout the story
  • Features the child's name embossed on the cover
  • Premium matte hard cover 8" x 8" personalized book
  • 64 pages full of colorful hand drawn illustrations
  • This book cannot be shipped using Express Mail - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery
  • This book only ships within the United States

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