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Baby's Create-A-Book Personalized Baby Book

Babys Create-A-Book

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Baby's Create-A-Book is a treasured keepsake and cherished gift for all new parents. This personalized baby book is a permanent record of the special events surrounding the child's birth and bringing him or her home for the first time. In the back of this book, there is a place for you to record those important dates to come, from the first smile to the first steps. Makes a great gift for newborns, baptisms, christenings, and first birthdays.

  • Hard cover 7" x 9" personalized baby book
  • 36 Pages full of colorful illustrations
  • For new born babies
  • Available in single parent, Christian, Jewish, twins and preemie version


Lost Count of How Many Babys Create-A-Book I have purchased. A keepsake and the book are now my go to gift for new parents who love seeing their new child's name in "lights".


Submitting this review to rave about the 10th baby book I have ordered. Now my thing, along with a sleep sacks for new babies for family, friends, & more family friends.


I have ordered three (3) of these books, as new born baby gifts, in the last month. They are such a great keepsake. And friends and family get excited when they read their name included in their siblings, cousin's, nieces/nephews, grandchild's book.


My daughter-in-laws love the book!! You can enter important milestones on the last page.


A Baby's Create-A-Book was received for one of our children some 30 years ago, which at that time, was thought to be so unique and so special especially because of all the individual details included. Now a next generation are having children, and still believe it is a great and unique gift and even more so; a keepsake!

On a side note, however, a suggestion may be to update the cover as it is the same as some 30 years ago.


I had this book made for me when I was baby. 29 years later and I couldn’t be happier to know that the same company & book is still around!!!! Currently making one for my daughter who turns 1 next week. I LOVED my book growing up. I can’t wait for my daughter to love hers too.


I would give it a five star,my family really enjoyed the book .Thank you for having such a beautiful book to share about the birth of a child. Thanks


I got this book made for my daughter since I had one made for me when I was born


Very happy with this book. It’s a nice keepsake that my grandson will be able to look back on and smile.


I’m a lover


It’s such a cute way to document the day of birth!


This is the 4th one I ordered, fairly happy with this one but a couple of wording I would of done different.


Bought this personalized baby books for our kids 30 yrs ago & ordered one for our first Grandbaby!


Greatest book


This book was a gift sent directly to the recipient so I cannot critique the actual book....but they highly complimented it. The delivery was very quick. Very pleased with my purchase!


I bought this book when my twins were born 21 years ago. they love the book. I am now going to make one for my grandson. A must buy Book


The family was very touched by the book.


The books are amazing! I get one for each baby born into the family!


This book is amazing. I got chills reading my daughters’ personal story. Even their dad was emotional about such a personalized baby book for our daughters. Worth every penny!!! Highly recommend this company and book!

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