Raising Kids in the Digital Age

Parenting in the Digital Age

It is an undeniable fact that we live in a digital age. As parents, remembering a time when things were simpler, but modern children will not have such memories. Sure, some pieces of technology will look and perform differently now than they will when they are older, but this generation and new-coming generations of children will not remember a time before the internet or a time where basic cable was all you had.

It can be hard enough keeping up with the times as an adult, but many parents out there are resorting to these technological advances a little too much. Sure, things are easier now, but that does not mean that certain things should be ignored or overlooked. It is still necessary to be a parent and to do some parenting in this so-called “digital age.”
Many of us have seen plenty of cartoons where homes are kept in order by programmed robots and other Artificial Intelligence, but there really is no substitute for the babysitter. Many more parents these days plop their kids in front of the TV equipped with on-demand channels or Netflix to appease their children while they do chores or other activities. Some parents are resorting to giving their children their phones or iPads to play with while mommy and daddy deal with grown up stuff. While these sorts of things may be great for a quiet afternoon or a long car ride, kids still need supervision. Simply putting on the TV or an interactive online game is not the same as having an adult presence. Doing so may lead to behavioral issues, and children may not listen and will prefer to do whatever they want, especially if they are not used to having an adult around. Kids may become more demanding when it comes to using these technologies. For example, if they are not used to watching TV or playing games for set periods of time, they may have difficulties understanding times where they are denied access or it is taken away from them.
There are other dangers to letting your TV or tablet become your babysitter. When kids are left to their own devices, they are often subservient to something called “curiosity.” Kids will explore other channels, look at other on-demand options, browse Netflix, or may even search the web. Many parents use parental controls to prevent these sorts of things from happening, but parents who are not around may not realize what content their children are being exposed to.
Apps and e-books for Kids

This is why it is so important to guide kids through the digital age. While one argument may arise that states to simply cut down on technology, which is still a good thing, it is also unavoidable in today’s society. Instead of letting Netflix babysit your kid, have yourself or an actual babysitter sit and explore it with them. Whether it is the TV, a tablet, or a phone, offering the proper guidance can help kids foster a healthy relationship with technology. It is imperative to help kids refrain from growing too reliant on technology, which may be the case if they are exposed to it for long periods of time, therefore making it hard adjusting to other activities.

Spending personal time with your children is important, so make sure that any time spent looking at online content or utilizing any of the world’s fabulous technological advances, are shared, healthy and informative. Having all of these aspects present can help create a healthy relationship between your child and technology where they can adapt to new advances without suffering socially or emotionally, with or without them.

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How Do I Raise a Reader?

Reading is essential to a child’s education. Its importance in academics is unavoidable but in order for kids to be good at reading, it’s important that they love doing it as well. One of the best ways to instill a lot of reading in your child is to make reading commonplace at home. Many parents tend to associate this activity with bedtime with reading or sharing a book just as kids are tucked into bed.  However, not every kid has the attention or the energy to remain engaged just before they go to sleep. Our recommendation that in addition to bedtime reading, it can be beneficial to introduce reading as an activity at other times of the day as well.

Whether your child is not particularly receptive to nighttime reading or whether they are, testing other times in the day may still be great for reading. In order to raise a reader, it is necessary to make reading rituals commonplace. Even if reading at night works for some kids, that does not mean that they can’t learn to love reading at different times of the day as well.

Reading in the morning may be the best bet for some children, especially kids who wake up early and are generally more energetic upon waking up. This may be the best time for these kids to really engage in a story or even just look at the pictures in a book.

Kids who have not yet started school or kids who perhaps only go to class on a half-day schedule may be more inclined to read in the afternoon. Try to engage them during the mealtime as lunchtime entertainment.

You can even adjust the reading to a particular time of day in a more spontaneous way as well. If you notice that your child is particularly active or is actively looking for something to do, suggest reading. If they don’t initially seem inclined, you can encourage them by reading along with them or affirming that even looking through the pictures will be a fun activity. Engaging with books on a physical level will help instill a personal relationship with the activity, even if kids are just looking or listening.

My Very Own Story
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