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Reading Nooks For Kids

For book lovers, reading is a special activity that can instantly transport you to other worlds and open your imagination to new ideas. If you ask any avid reader about where they like to do their reading or when, they will likely have a few favorite places on their list or specific times of day that they devote to reading. Implementing these sorts of ideas can really help get kids into reading, too. For the most part, many parents make special time for reading, which usually ends up being just before bed. As commonplace as this practice is, it can really help parents spend quality time with their children before drifting off to sleep where dreams can then work their magic. But if you want to help make reading extra special for your kids, then why not take it a step further?

When it comes to favorite places to read, many people have a favorite chair or even a reading nook. Curating a special reading space for children can help make the exploration of a story that much more exciting. Making a quiet, designated space for reading can help entice reluctant readers by making the act of reading more of an activity that sparks their imagination. Creating a space where kids can explore stories can be quite easy, too, so whether your child already loves reading or if you are looking for new ways to help a reluctant reader give books a better try, then you can get started creating a cozy reading nook in your home.
Reading nooks can be anywhere, but it is preferable that they be in a relatively quiet part of the house. If you do not have any designated spaces, you can easily make one!

Reading Room
If you have a nursery or a play area, you can easily convert a corner to accommodate books and other accessories that will make your reading experience all the more cozy and focused. Even though there are other toys and things around, making a space where your child can feel like it is really their own can help. If you don’t have a play room, you can find an unused corner of the living room, a bedroom, or an office that you can turn into a cozy reading space. Designate a small section and set up some bookshelves to show that the area is dedicated to this activity.

Makeshift Spaces
If you don’t have a separate room to devote to reading or other activities, you can improvise! A toy house or tent can be set up anywhere and it can instantly be transformed into a cozy and intimate locale where kids can dive into a new book with some privacy.

Blanket Forts
If you want to read together, you can set up a bigger tent outdoors or even make a blanket fort – because what child doesn’t absolutely love a blanket fort? Setting up a tent or a fort can be a fun memory-making activity in and of itself, and you can settle down with a fun book afterward as a reward for your efforts.

Fairy Lights
No matter where you end up setting up your child’s reading space, adding some string lights, lanterns, and other similar sorts of decorations can easily make any space look and feel magical. The lights you string up can act as both an element of ambiance as well as a means to make sure that your child can see the pages of their books clearly, too!

Make it Cozy
Add some fun, mismatched throw pillows and some favorite stuffed toys to the mix and kids are sure to want to hunker down and dive into a book or two. Pillows can make any space inviting and comfortable, but by adding some fun and color these pillows can also make the space feel more special and fun too.

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Difference Between a Developmental Lag and a Reading Disorder

Developmental Lag or Reading Disorder

What is the difference between spotting a developmental lag and a reading disorder? Both issues may look the same from observation, so ultimately, no matter what, it is always wise to see a specialist in the event this thought occurs to a parent at all.

Many parents would like to believe that their children are developing healthily and normally – who wouldn’t? Each individual is different and as kids become their own people, they will undoubtedly develop their own quirks and interests. If you notice that your child is not reading or shows no interest in the activity, your mind may initially make excuses along the lines of “maybe they’re just not a reader,” or “perhaps they learn a little slower and are more of a visual or hands-on learner.” Either of these may be true, certainly, but there is nothing wrong with doing a little bit of investigating first. Many parents who have children with reading disabilities find out a little too late, ‘a little too late’ meaning that their child’s education may have already suffered and that valuable time getting help has been lost.

Research shows that it is crucial that kids receive the proper developmental health during their first few years of schooling. This window of opportunity can be fleeting and many parents miss it because they are easily dissuaded from seeking help. If you notice that your child is having difficulties reading, the reason may absolutely be that they have a developmental lag or simply have no initial interest in the activity. However, it is always wise to be safe than sorry. It is better to be told that your child has a developmental lag by a professional early on in either case, because even if your child does not have a disorder, you can begin to implement healthy incentives to help them learn regardless. But if your child does have a reading disorder, the earlier they receive help the better.

The longer you wait to get help or guidance in the event that your child has a reading disorder, the harder it will be to get them on the right track. If treatment and therapy is implemented early, kids will adopt it much more easily and almost more naturally as well. Just as learning a language later in life becomes ultimately more difficult and forced, than learning one from an early age, so is learning how to cope with a reading disorder. It is still entirely possible to help children who are around the age of 7 or 8, but it becomes more and more difficult as the child gets older.

Reading disorders, such as dyslexia, are not exclusive to reading alone. Since reading is integral to learning, kids with reading problems will ultimately have issues learning other subjects as well and may fall behind substantially. The best way to quell any concerns that you may have regarding your child’s ability to or interest in reading is to see a specialist and to have your child tested. There should be no stigma involved, especially since you will be helping your child grow and learn.

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8 Tips to Keep Kids Engaged This Summer

8 Tips to Keep Kids Engaged During the Summer

School’s out! For some anyway, and for others your kids are probably counting down the days!  Kids are sure to be happy to have the next few months to themselves. As relaxing as the summer holidays are meant to be, it is still important that kids stay sharp so that they can continue their education without a hitch once the new school year starts in August or September. There are plenty of ways in which parents can do this without giving their kids homework or making them feel like they have a lot of work to do. In fact, there are some fun ways to keep kids engaged while also making sure that they’re having a good time.

1. Encourage kids to keep a journal. Keeping a journal can be fun, and it can make a great keepsake for you and your kids for years to come. While kids are writing about their summers or even writing stories of made up adventures, they are also exercising their writing and reading comprehension skills. Writing in a journal has benefits when it comes to memory as well, and can help kids remember more things with accuracy.

2. Plan fun (and educational) trips. Summertime is the most popular time for families to go on vacation, but integrating something educational and interesting into your summer plans can be both fun and informative. Even if you can’t fit a big trip into your budget, make weekly trips to the library, to local landmarks and other places that can offer a lot for kids and adults alike.

Lemonade Stand for Kids
3. Start a lemonade stand! Encourage your kids to get active and get motivated to make money. Whether they sell lemonade on the sidewalk, help with a garage sale or simply pick up some chores around the house, doing so will help give kids an incentive to take on responsibility. Encourage them to manage their money, too, so they can practice some math while they’re at it.

4. Go outside and explore. Getting outdoors is great. Fresh air and activity are integral for staying healthy and childhood obesity is quickly becoming a major problem, so making sure that kids stay plenty active and spend some time away from screens and computers can be beneficial. Going outside, going to parks, going on hikes or simply exploring your own backyard can also help spark a child’s imagination and help them develop a relationship with nature.

5. Make time to read every day. Some kids are happy reading as a pastime, but other kids may need some coaxing. Make it a routine or a tradition to share a book or two every night. Read aloud, play book-inspired games, or even act out your favorite scenes! Reading will help keep kids’ reading skills sharp, and playing games can help foster their creativity and confidence, as well.

6. Take advantage of free, online learning. Whether your kids are playing an educational flash game or partaking in an online course, kids may be more inclined to want to learn when it involves the family computer or tablet. There are plenty of educational apps and free online schools that can teach kids valuable skills without feeling like its work at all.

Kids Crafts During the Summer

7. Make some arts and crafts. Inspiring kids to create and use their imaginations can help their critical thinking skills more than you might realize. Creativity can help kids learn how to solve problems, weigh their options and make difficult choices, whether it involves figuring out how to solve a math problem or how to accomplish riding a bike. Being creative can inspire some great art, but it can also encourage out-of-the-box thinking that can help boost general problem-solving skills, too.

8. Don’t be afraid to relax! Rest and relaxation are actually important for mental and emotional development, so don’t forget to get plenty of it. As important as it is to keep kids active, don’t forget about valuable down-time either. Finding a balance between activity and reflection is important, so make sure to let your kids relax and do a bit of what they want this summer, too.

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