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We all want to see our kids develop to their full potential but we also know that trying to drill lessons into their heads will only lead to boredom. It is scientifically proven that kids will learn more when they are having fun and thankfully, there are several options out there that can lead to brain development while your kid is having a ball.

Take music as a great example. Music has been proven to alleviate stress and boost a person’s mood. Even sad songs will help someone going through a difficult time. Music should be a key component for your child’s brain development. It should fill your home with harmony and get everyone to sing along. Even better is if you have a personalized music CD with your child’s name featured to make the musical experience more special and memorable.

personalized music cd

Music Activates Every Part of the Brain

More than triggering the auditory areas, music gets other known areas in the brain to start working. Researchers have found that music triggers the motor areas in the brain and this is why music and movement are closely connected. The limbic areas — associated with emotions — have also been found to be “involved in rhythm and tonality processing,” a trigger that is said to lead to mind-wandering and creativity.

One of the researchers of this study, Prof. Petri Toiviainen, spoke about the key connections between music and brain development, saying: “Our results show for the first time how different musical features activate emotional, motor, and creative areas of the brain.” Now imagine taking the musical experience of your child to another level by having a personalized music CD call out their name, creating a profound connection between the two.

Music Boosts Memory

Many students enjoy listening to music while they study. In fact, researchers have found that music releases dopamine in the brain — the “feel good” neurotransmitter, thus promoting better learning.

It’s not just any music, however. Researchers found that it must be music that person enjoys. Accordingly, when you are choosing the playlist for your kid, go for music your child will love. If your kid is into Sesame Street, then you can have one of the characters sing out your child’s name through a personalized music CD to really engage them.

Music Helps With Literacy

Listening to music is such an ostensibly simple act, but your kid’s brain will be fine tuning key skills for literacy. Music will help your kid learn about different rhythms and notes. When your child is at the reading age, your kid will find it easier to “identify different sounds that make up words.” Music will make your child better able to remember details and responses. It will make your kid’s brain more able to “organize and make sense of sound” which is also a key skill for literacy.

personalized music cd

Music encourages engagement, attention, and response, in other words, active participation, which is required during reading time. Moreover, when singing, your kid is learning new words and how to communicate, for an easier learning experience later.

Start Early

Music is a key component for your child’s brain development and it should be introduced early on. Researchers conducting a study on 9-month-old babies during music play sessions have found that “early, engaging musical experiences can have a more global effect on cognitive skills.”

The best part of music is that it creates a sense of joy and ease quite effortlessly for both kids and us, as parents. We have science now to back up the fact that we don’t need to do much to start our kid’s brain development on a solid foot. All it takes is the songs they love and having those songs involve their name through a personalized music CD will only make the musical experience that much more effective.

Brain-training games have grown in popularity, especially with the rise of smartphones where thousands of apps and other games are made available on the go. Many games, especially those featured on sites like Facebook, are aimed towards Baby Boomers, claiming to reverse aging and prevent things like Alzheimer’s. While these sorts of claims are more difficult to prove, brain-training games have worked wonders for kids who are still actively learning, growing and developing, especially kids with learning and language disorders. Brain games can help kids build essential skills that help them process things like problem solving or help boost their memory.

Language Games

Language games may involve building essential skills for English but there are also fun, free apps out there that can help children learn to speak other languages, too.

For parents looking for native language boosting games in English, has plenty of vocabulary games that can help children master the alphabet, learn new words, and practice their spelling. PBS also has plenty of reading games that focus more on word association, reading comprehension and writing aspects of language.

Language games can help kids develop key communication skills, reading comprehension skills, and it can boost their vocabulary (reading and speaking) significantly, too.

Math Games

Sites like and feature traditional puzzle-solving games like Sudoku, chess, and more but they also have plenty of games that focus on specific areas of math like addition and subtraction, geometry, ratios and percent’s, and much more. has a grade-level feature so kids can play games that are appropriate to their age, grade, and skill-level and divide games into categories to make finding specific types of activities much easier. This is a great way to help kids struggling with a particular topic at school and can make studying much more

Memory Games

Parents may be familiar with apps like Lumosity, but this app actually gets a significant amount of revenue from kids as well as adults. Memory boosting games can be both challenging and fun, encouraging kids to develop skills that are useful in everyday situations as well as a myriad of different school subjects, too.

Puzzle Games

Parents may be more familiar with games like Tetris and Bejeweled Blitz (as well as other games like it) but these are great games to introduce to kids, too. Spatial reasoning is an often-overlooked skill and it can be applied to many situations and circumstances. These games encourage problem solving within a timeframe, which can be anxiety-inducing for some kids, but can also help children make better, more informed decisions on the fly, making moves based on educated guesses without overthinking.

There are many sites with plenty of resources, links and information on games for kids. Brain boosting games can be an essential tool for kids with learning disorders or children who may not benefit as much from a traditional school setting. Trying a different format for learning can be incredibly life changing, and fun, too.

personalized kids books

Children are an amazing blessing, and every year we want to celebrate their birthdays with a perfect gift to symbolize just how special they are to us. Unfortunately, the more children we have, and the older they get, the harder it is to come up with something new and unique every year.

The Benefits of Books

Stuffed animals, games, and an endless tide of electronic gadgets can overwhelm us when shopping for the ideal gift. While tempting, many of these are fun at first, but in the long run are unoriginal and do little to spark creativity or imagination. Children can tire of them quickly, and they end up in the bottom of the toy box.

Books, on the other hand, can make the perfect gift for children of all ages. While anyone can enjoy a good story, books make particularly wonderful gifts for the youngest family members. Studies have proven that children who are read to, even before they are capable of reading themselves, reap multiple benefits, and these continue to grow as they emerge as independent readers.

Reading to your child helps build and reinforce your bond with them as you read and hold them. This helps develop positive self-esteem and confidence. Additionally, reading has been shown to increase children’s academic readiness, develop better vocabulary and literacy skills, and enhance communication, creativity, and problem solving skills.

personalized kids books

Further, reading has been proven to elevate connectivity in the brain and improve function. This starts as a child and continues as your child matures and develops over the years. This means that good reading habits instilled at a young age will carry over to impact them from their school years and beyond into adulthood.

Personalized Kids Books

One way to make their gift even more special is to create a personalized story book. These books typically include your child’s name, age, and hometown, and may even include your child’s friends or family members as other characters in the story. Your child will be captivated as he or she becomes drawn into the story as a main character and hears elements of his or her own life incorporated into the story. Your child will develop a pure joy of reading beyond the proven benefits! Their special books will become keepsakes they will want to revisit again and again. Instead of another toy that gets buried under a pile, these books quickly become favorites.

personalized kids books

No need to stop with your own kids, though. Consider buying original books for your nieces and nephews for their birthdays or Christmas. Be the favorite parent when you show up to the next neighborhood birthday party with a book instead of the latest fad toy we all know will be old hat by next month. Stand out at the next baby shower when you present a unique keepsake book instead of another pack of pacifiers and washcloths. In addition to a fun new story, children are being given a special momento to help commemorate their childhood.

No matter who the young recipient is, they will all gain the benefits that reading provides. Helping a child develop a love for reading and all that entails is a gift that will keep giving for years to come.

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