Get Your Kids Outdoors!

Get Your Kids Outdoors!

Now that the weather is warming up considerably, it’s time to start playing outside again. Outdoor activities not only encourage a positive relationship with nature and the general outdoors, but they also promote physical activity. Any outdoor game is an adventure, especially when you’re a kid, but sometimes it is a lot harder to give our kids that nudge out of the door. Even though the weather is gorgeous and the plants are beginning to bloom, they may be more preoccupied with television, tablets or other digital devices. While all of these mediums have their own pros and cons, it’s still important to balance how kids spend their time. What you can do is use mediums such as interactive games and personalized books to get kids to play outdoors.

Dreamland Personalized Photo Book

Using games is a great way to entice kids. Use your own imagination to combine playing outdoors with digital or indoor games. Simply bringing mobile devices outdoors or even just on your porch can help ease kids into the open. One great way to motivate kids is to use personalized books. Personalized books provide kids with a story all their own and can be used to help them overcome personal obstacles like learning to ride a bike or potty training. Personalized books from KD Novelties can be used in the same way to entice kids to play outdoors. There are plenty of adventures to choose from, such as My Camping Adventure or My Fishing Adventure personalized kids books. Use these books to get them excited about a camping or fishing trip of your own. Even more fantastical books, like the Dreamland Personalized Photo Book can inspire kids to go outside and use their own backyard as an imaginary forest. Encourage kids to use their imagination and have plenty of real life adventures of their own.

Get Your Tweens to READ!

Personalized Photo Books
As children become “tweens” it is a challenge to keep them reading for pleasure. There are too many friends and activities competing for their time. We have taken this into account when introducing Pop Star personalized photo book perfect for tweens and targets their interest of music. Tweens and music go hand in hand these days so we decided that this personalized photo book would hit the spot and ignite a passion for reading in the tween community.
Tweens usually imagine themselves as world famous pop stars or just becoming famous, and now kids can see their similar imaginings in physical form. Each book, personalized with your child’s photo, tells the story of how they become famous by way of the Miracle Microphone. They embark on a journey through the talent show, watch their video become a hit and see their single top the charts!
We believe that our children’s personalized books will enhance a child’s reading experience, promote literacy, and build self-esteem all at the same time. So if you have that tween that just won’t pick up a book we encourage you to check out our Pop Star photo book personalized with their picture, hometown, and their favorite band or singer.  Then sit back and watch their reaction as they read about themselves becoming a famous Pop Star!
Personalized Child’s Photo Book specializes in personalized children’s books, music, photo DVDs and much more!  Check out our personalized products that parents and grandparents are raving about.

Personalized Potty Hero Book Can Help Children Overcome Milestones

Potty Hero Personalized Book
Potty Hero Personalized Book

Reading has proven to help children in many areas of their developing lives. Not only does it promote literacy and future learning, but it has shown to aid kids when approaching major milestones in their young lives.  Just released is a new Potty Hero personalized book that helps kids ease into potty training by showing how their book persona can heroically save the day and be a big kid.  By inserting kids’ faces into their own personalized books, they can more easily see themselves accomplishing the great things they read about in books and see in the programs they watch.  This not only allows kids to better imagine themselves as great, but helps makes these ideas a reality, helping boost their self-esteem and instilling a positive self-image.  Kids face a lot of big changes in a small span of time: potty training, preschool, learning to read and write, all major things that they will use later in life to be successful.  Using books, especially personalized photo books, can help familiarize children with these big steps and help them better imagine themselves overcoming them with ease.

Studies show that when reading about the personal milestone a child is facing, can enhance the learning process, and making it personalized will captivate children in wanting to learn because they become the STAR of their very own potty training story.
Elmo Bye Bye Diapers Personalized Kids Book
Personalized Elmo Potty Book

We also carry other personalized books about potty training that does not have the child’s photo but has personalized information.  Elmo Bye Bye Diapers and No More Diapers teaches bathroom etiquette and reflects on the feelings that the child may be experiencing while encouraging them to take the next step.