Get Your Tweens to READ!

Personalized Photo Books
As children become “tweens” it is a challenge to keep them reading for pleasure. There are too many friends and activities competing for their time. We have taken this into account when introducing Pop Star personalized photo book perfect for tweens and targets their interest of music. Tweens and music go hand in hand these days so we decided that this personalized photo book would hit the spot and ignite a passion for reading in the tween community.
Tweens usually imagine themselves as world famous pop stars or just becoming famous, and now kids can see their similar imaginings in physical form. Each book, personalized with your child’s photo, tells the story of how they become famous by way of the Miracle Microphone. They embark on a journey through the talent show, watch their video become a hit and see their single top the charts!
We believe that our children’s personalized books will enhance a child’s reading experience, promote literacy, and build self-esteem all at the same time. So if you have that tween that just won’t pick up a book we encourage you to check out our Pop Star photo book personalized with their picture, hometown, and their favorite band or singer.  Then sit back and watch their reaction as they read about themselves becoming a famous Pop Star!
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