How To Find the Right Books for Your Kids

How To Find the Right Books for Your Kids

How To Find the Right Books for Your kids

How to find the right books for your kids can be challenging. Getting your child to read is important. Whether  they happen to already love reading or need a nudge in the right direction, a lot still hinges upon your ability to choose the right book for them to read. There are a few things that parents can consider when choosing an appropriate book for their child.

Why Are They Reading?

Is your child reading for fun? Are they looking to learn a new skill or about a new subject? Are they dealing with a difficult challenge right now? Do they have a book report due? These are all important things to consider when choosing an appropriate book. A fun fiction story can be great for bedtime or for a book report, but if your child is interested in a specific topic then finding a book on that subject, is a better choice.

Are They Interested?

Interest can be gauged by looking at their reason for reading, as well as a few other things. Finding a book on a relevant topic or in a genre of interest is a good place to start. You’ll also want to consider things like the cover design, the chapter titles, or any illustrations if present. If your child happens to be interested in a specific thing, like horses for example, you can find books on that topic. In addition to just nature books about horses, you can also consider fiction books that feature horses, farm related books, books about horse riding, and more.

Be creative and unique. Getting personalized children’s books can also help with their interests. In going with the example above, getting a personalized book about farm animals can truly spark their interest. A personalized book makes the child the main character, coupled with their interest in a specific topic, will make for a pleasurable reading experience.

Is It at Their Reading Level?

It’s also vital to make sure that the book you choose is in line with your child’s reading skills. Some kids’ books, especially in libraries, have a label that outlines what reading level or grade they are appropriate for. If that is not the case, your child can simply open up the book and glance at a few pages to get an idea of whether they are able to comprehend the book on their own.

One way to determine this is to use the “Five Finger Rule“, which is a basic outline of how many words a reader should be able to read (and can learn) on each page:
•    0-1 unknown words = book is too easy
•    2-3 unknown words = book is just right
•    4-5 unknown words = book is too difficult

Easter Giveaway

While the focus of gift-giving holidays may take place in winter, however the spring has its fair share of things to celebrate. For many people, Easter is the next major holiday and it can be a great time for parents to share stories with their children while also sharing something a little special as well.

Easter coincides with the beginning of spring, and with good reason. Parents can use this meaningful holiday to emphasize the circle of life and to relay other messages, but like many other holidays it can be a great opportunity to take advantage of storytelling.

Strapped for Easter gift ideas? KD Novelties is having an Easter Giveaway. Enter to win a variety of Easter gifts that are sure to make any Easter basket complete. In the giveaway, KD Novelties will include The Cottontail Mystery personalized book, an Easter Bunny plush and an Easter bucket as well. Not only do the prizes have your Easter gift-giving work cut out for you, but the giveaway helps to promote literacy as well. With personalized books like The Cottontail Mystery, kids can embark on their own adventure alongside the Easter Bunny himself. Full of springtime charm, this book uses puzzles and other sorts of clues to engage kids in a mystery surrounding the Easter Bunny. By personalizing the book, the story becomes more immersive and interesting, especially for kids who may not otherwise like reading or need a little extra push to do so.

Personalized books have proven to be a great gateway to reading other books and promoting a general interest in reading and learning, even among reluctant readers. With The Cottontail Mystery and a basketful of Easter goodies in tow, your child will be ready to take on the springtime weather and wait for the furry bunny of the hour to finally arrive on Easter morning!

Why Buy Disney Characters In Personalized Story Books

personalized story books

Every parent wants their child to read more, but instead of going to a library or browsing the shelves of a bookstore, parents should consider buying personalized story books with Disney characters. Why should you choose a personalized book over other generic books? Here are the benefits of doing so:

Attention Grabbing

Are you having trouble getting your child to sit still to read a book with you? There’s no better way to remedy this situation than to include him in a personalized story book with his favorite Disney character.

Children will become more interested in a book if they feel they are a part of it, and since personalized books repeat the child’s name over and over, they will definitely feel included. Kids will become even more excited when they see their favorite Disney characters are the ones asking them questions and including them in the story. This is sure to grab their attention and hold onto it much better than a generic book.

Self-Esteem Boost

Personalized story books often make your child the star of the book. In these stories, children are often the ones who solve a major problem or rescue the main character from danger, so the Disney characters treat your child like a hero. Because kids see Disney characters in movies and on TV, they often idolize them.

So, having their favorite characters address them by name or want to talk to them can be a memorable experience. This can boost your child’s self esteem and help him feel more confident in his ability to solve problems and connect with others.

personalized story books


After your child has outgrown his favorite personalized story books, keep them in good condition so you can revisit them with your child when he is older. Personalized story books are the perfect keepsake, especially those that have your child’s favorite Disney characters. When your child is older, you can show him the books you used to read together and tell him about how much he used to love Aladdin or Mickey Mouse.

New Storylines

Do your kids love Aladdin? Or Pocahontas? Unfortunately, there’s only one Aladdin movie and one Pocahontas movie, so if kids fall in love with these characters, they may want to watch the movies over and over again. But eventually, the storyline will become too familiar and kids will get tired of seeing the same movie. Buying a book with your child’s favorite Disney character lets him enjoy a new storyline that will pique his interest and excite him.

Now that you know the benefits of buying a personalized story book, all you have to do is choose a story with your child’s favorite Disney character. If you’re not sure which one to pick, play it safe by picking one of the most popular characters. According to Disney Dining, Mickey Mouse is still the most beloved Disney character, followed by Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Cinderella, and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. If your child loves Disney, he or she will be thrilled to be a part of a story with one of these famous faces!