Easter Giveaway

While the focus of gift-giving holidays may take place in winter, however the spring has its fair share of things to celebrate. For many people, Easter is the next major holiday and it can be a great time for parents to share stories with their children while also sharing something a little special as well.

Easter coincides with the beginning of spring, and with good reason. Parents can use this meaningful holiday to emphasize the circle of life and to relay other messages, but like many other holidays it can be a great opportunity to take advantage of storytelling.

Strapped for Easter gift ideas? KD Novelties is having an Easter Giveaway. Enter to win a variety of Easter gifts that are sure to make any Easter basket complete. In the giveaway, KD Novelties will include The Cottontail Mystery personalized book, an Easter Bunny plush and an Easter bucket as well. Not only do the prizes have your Easter gift-giving work cut out for you, but the giveaway helps to promote literacy as well. With personalized books like The Cottontail Mystery, kids can embark on their own adventure alongside the Easter Bunny himself. Full of springtime charm, this book uses puzzles and other sorts of clues to engage kids in a mystery surrounding the Easter Bunny. By personalizing the book, the story becomes more immersive and interesting, especially for kids who may not otherwise like reading or need a little extra push to do so.

Personalized books have proven to be a great gateway to reading other books and promoting a general interest in reading and learning, even among reluctant readers. With The Cottontail Mystery and a basketful of Easter goodies in tow, your child will be ready to take on the springtime weather and wait for the furry bunny of the hour to finally arrive on Easter morning!

Why Buy Disney Characters In Personalized Story Books

personalized story books

Every parent wants their child to read more, but instead of going to a library or browsing the shelves of a bookstore, parents should consider buying personalized story books with Disney characters. Why should you choose a personalized book over other generic books? Here are the benefits of doing so:

Attention Grabbing

Are you having trouble getting your child to sit still to read a book with you? There’s no better way to remedy this situation than to include him in a personalized story book with his favorite Disney character.

Children will become more interested in a book if they feel they are a part of it, and since personalized books repeat the child’s name over and over, they will definitely feel included. Kids will become even more excited when they see their favorite Disney characters are the ones asking them questions and including them in the story. This is sure to grab their attention and hold onto it much better than a generic book.

Self-Esteem Boost

Personalized story books often make your child the star of the book. In these stories, children are often the ones who solve a major problem or rescue the main character from danger, so the Disney characters treat your child like a hero. Because kids see Disney characters in movies and on TV, they often idolize them.

So, having their favorite characters address them by name or want to talk to them can be a memorable experience. This can boost your child’s self esteem and help him feel more confident in his ability to solve problems and connect with others.

personalized story books


After your child has outgrown his favorite personalized story books, keep them in good condition so you can revisit them with your child when he is older. Personalized story books are the perfect keepsake, especially those that have your child’s favorite Disney characters. When your child is older, you can show him the books you used to read together and tell him about how much he used to love Aladdin or Mickey Mouse.

New Storylines

Do your kids love Aladdin? Or Pocahontas? Unfortunately, there’s only one Aladdin movie and one Pocahontas movie, so if kids fall in love with these characters, they may want to watch the movies over and over again. But eventually, the storyline will become too familiar and kids will get tired of seeing the same movie. Buying a book with your child’s favorite Disney character lets him enjoy a new storyline that will pique his interest and excite him.

Now that you know the benefits of buying a personalized story book, all you have to do is choose a story with your child’s favorite Disney character. If you’re not sure which one to pick, play it safe by picking one of the most popular characters. According to Disney Dining, Mickey Mouse is still the most beloved Disney character, followed by Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Cinderella, and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. If your child loves Disney, he or she will be thrilled to be a part of a story with one of these famous faces!

Bedtime Story Starters

Reading is a key skill for children to have, and one of the best ways they can develop their language skills is to listen. Reading books can be a great way to share stories and telling stories can have just as much of an impact on your child’s imagination and their ability to develop listening skills. Listening is not the same as reading, but speaking to your child acquaints them with language and helps them identify things like tone and subject matter while also improving their overall vocabulary.

Telling a story before bed is a great way to keep kids calm and still before drifting off to sleep. Some of these tips and tricks can help you keep your child’s attention while also guaranteeing that you tell a story that they’re interested in.

Appeal to an Interest

Whether you make your child’s favorite toy the main character of the tale or make the local park the story’s setting, populating a bedtime story with things that your child is already interested in and familiar with can be a great launching-off point.

Keep it Simple

There’s no need to be elaborate or complicated, and too many twist and turns can actually be distracting. Telling a straightforward story is a better way to keep your kid’s attention. The more engaged they are, the quieter they’ll be and the more likely they’ll be able to follow the story in order to fully listen.

Share Your Favorites

Folk tales, fairy tales, or even sharing remixed versions of your favorite age-appropriate books or movies can make for some interesting storytelling. Have fun with it and see how your kids react. They may become more interested if they know that you’re sharing a story you love with them, and you may be able to bond over a shared love of the same story. If you have a particular folk tale or story that is unique to your familial background, nationality, or ethnicity, story time can also provide your child with an opportunity to connect with their heritage as well.

Try to Teach a Lesson

Parents can also try to take advantage of story time to help encourage kids to learn and grow, or even overcome their fears. If your child is having trouble with potty training, make up a story about another little girl or boy with the same problem who eventually learns to overcome their obstacles. You can even feature some of their favorite characters from TV shows or movies to make the story more appealing to them while also helping them feel more connected to the story and to themselves, too. Personalize it for them! A personalized potty training book will sure jumpstart the process and help them overcome much faster.


If you’re pressed for story ideas, ask kids for suggestions. They may even end up telling you a story they made up themselves! You can also try tag teaming each other, sharing in the storytelling process or taking cues along the way.

Look to History and Mythology

Some folk tales are tried and true, but can get old after a while. Most kids know about Goldilocks or the Three Little Pigs, but they may not know about mythical figures and tales from other, older cultures. Look to Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, and other ancient civilizations for unique tales. You may even find different, and interesting, versions of tales you are already familiar with like Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast. Many cultures share similar stories and fairy tales, so even looking for different versions of yours or your child’s favorites complete with unique twists and differences can prove to make an interesting bedtime adventure.

Where Do Dreams Come From? personalized bedtime storybook

Your Child is the Star

Personalized books published by KD Novelties can make your child the main character of their own adventure. Insert them into a story you already know they love, or you can make up something that is completely new and exciting. Your child may even have some suggestions and join in on the fun!