Why Personalized Children’s Books?


Personalized books, such as those made by KD Novelties, can get kids excited about sharing their books and their enthusiasm for reading.

Personalized Reading
Books have quite a bit of competition when it comes to vying for kids’ attention. While there are so many toys and new kinds of technology that can distract kids from sitting down and enjoying a good book, that doesn’t mean that books have lost their power. Books are still a popular pastime for many children and adults, and even the proliferation of e-books has reinvigorated a love of reading both print and digital media for many people. But when someone is passionate or excited about a new book or story, they are likely to want to share it with others. Children are encouraged to share and are often inspired to share new toys and games with friends when something captures their imagination. A book can absolutely have the same power.
Personalized books have been known to grab the attention of children, especially children who are reluctant readers. When they see their picture inserted into the book and read about their fantastic adventures, they grow an interest in books as well as reading. These sorts of books are great gateways to a lifelong love of reading. And if a child is excited about a story that features themselves and their face, they are likely to want to regale their friends with their adventures. Kids influence other kids, friends especially. Encourage them to share their enthusiasm for books or reading, even a personalized book about themselves, with their friends and siblings. Friends may be just as interested and excited to see a book featuring one of their close buddies or their brother or sister, and it may inspire them to read on their own or have a book just like it. 
When kids share books, they are not only sharing an activity, they are building relationships with others and they are building a relationship with reading.

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