Why Parents Should Cut Down Screen Time For Kids

Playing with Tablet

As we add more and more devices to our home, we constantly wonder whether we should be cutting down our kids’ time spent in front of them. According to recent studies, the answer to this question we have all asked ourselves is “yes”. While devices such as television, tablets, phones and others have shown to be helpful in the realms of building literacy skills, however, it can also detract from personal family interaction that comes from talking face-to-face. The positive effects of doing so has been shown to significantly increase children’s social, behavioral and physical well being. It has even shown to help improve academic performance.

A balance of stimulation and activity is incredibly important for kids whose minds are still growing and developing. In these early and impressionable stages, many behaviors and modes of thinking become ingrained in their behavior which can affect their future relationships with others as well as themselves. Telling your kids to step away from the tablet, TV or computer can help them develop more well-rounded skills that can ensure their future success, academically and personally. Activities such as spending time as a family, going outside or on a joint trip to the park, reading a book and other activities are beneficial. Using tools such as our interactive personalized kids books and music CDs, can help entice kids to get involved in an activity that does not have a screen. With these sorts of personalized educational activities, kids can be introduced to other forms of spending time if they see a book or hear a story or a song all about them. 
You can even make other activities more personalized if you’re having a difficult time coaxing your kids from the screens. Playing their favorite games with them, encouraging them to engage in conversation about their daily lives and participating in arts and crafts are all other great outlets for learning and social interaction. Whether you are with your kids or your kids are engaging with siblings and friends, a variety of activities is best for a growing and developing brain.

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