Your Child is the STAR of Each Story!®
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Personalized Children's Music CDs

Imagine your child’s delight when they hear their very own name sung on a personalized music CD! They will be filled with excitement as they hear their name mentioned by their favorite characters. Your Child is the STAR of Each Song!

More than just music, personalized children's music CDs are filled with interactive stories and theme songs from popular shows that kids love, and best of all, your child's name is mentioned throughout the entire CD! Alternate spelling is available for all names, for example (Katelin, Kaitlyn, or Catelyn)

We Sing Your Child's Name!

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Our Personalized Music CDs include:

  • Child's name sung throughout entire CD
  • Popular characters sing your child's name
  • Interactive stories with favorite characters
  • Theme songs from kid's popular TV Shows
  • Personalized CD Label with child's name
  • Your Child is the STAR of each Song!

We make your child a STAR with personalized music for kids
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