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Jesus Loves You

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A collection of 10 praise songs and verses personalized with your child's name 41 times! Cheery, picturesque scenes and animated woodland characters combine with live action dance scenes that invite children to sing and dance along.
  • Child's name is spoken throughout DVD 41 times
  • Child's name printed on DVD label and case
  • Child's face does NOT appear in the cartoon


Gave this to a 2 & a half year old and he absolutely loves it. He watched it 3 times in a row which is quite the concentration for a little one. It is a beautiful DVD and the lyrics are so catchy it’s even fun for adults! Awsome way to teach kids about how much god loves them. Thank you so much. It was hard finding a website that ships to New Zealand. Am very great full.


My son absolutely loves singing the songs about Jesus! A wonderful way to help kids grow up knowing God Loves You!


This is my 3rd time to order this same DVD and Ims sure my great granddaughter will enjoy it too!!

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