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I Am The Amazing Spider-Man

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Your child stars as Spider-Man in this photo personalized cartoon adventure! This 26 minute action packed cartoon personalized kid's adventure DVD includes bonus features such as a photo personalized music video featuring the 1960's theme song as well as an educational tutorial on spiders in a segment titled "Learning with J. Jonah Jameson".


He was excited when he saw himself on the video. He wants to be the real hero now thank you for your excellent service.


My grandson loves his Spider-Man video.


My darlings love this epic video


Spider-Man video was a hit at the party. My grandson loves it.


It was awesome I’ve wanted this spider man dvd for over ten years now and finally was gifted it. I believe this is a fun dvd


I had this same video made for my daughter when she was 4 (she was obsessed with Spider-Man). I thought it would be funny to make another one now when she is 19! Great quality and lots of laughs and wonderful memories.


This is super cute and my grandson loves it. The lady I spoke to over the phone was excellent. I was having trouble ordering from online and she assisted me with pleasure thank u and it arrived before Christmas thank you once again


Jordan loves his amazing Spider-Man cartoon and his little sister liked it more. The cartoon was something the whole family will enjoy and bring smiles to the kids.


This was a sensational and well-crafted Spider-Man video for my little boy. He was so overwhelmed seeing his face and Spider-Man but I have never seen such happiness in his face as a sing the day I let him see himself and Spider-Man on this DVD. He had so much tears that he wanted to let go of joy but just held them back. He seemed to be gasping for air each time he seen his face as Spider-Man in this DVD and I have never seen a smile bigger than I seen when he watched himself as Spider-Man. When this was over he told me that his cheek muscles were sore and wanted to know why his cheeks was sore and I told him about watching him smile through the entire video and then he told me yes that is it and he kept giving me hugs. He kept thanking me for having this Spider-Man video with his face in it. I will highly recommend this Spider-Man DVD to anyone with a child to see how happy they can be seeing their face as Spider-Man.


This is a birthday gift for our grandson. He’s going to love it. There are many scenes in which his face is used as Spider-Man.


My 3yr old grandson was thrilled to see that he was Spider-Man!


Amazing video! The look on my nephew's face was priceless! He watches it all the time and still can't believe he is in it! I'm more than thrilled about this movie and the products you sell


My nephew loved it. He has always been a huge Spider-Man fan since he could talk. The only thing I would like to digest about yalls products is to be a bit more interactive with the child; just like ‘Gregory and me’ movie. When I was 5 I had the ‘Gregory and me’ movie and I loved hearing my name and how interactive it was with me.
I was so excited to also see you sell that movie as well. Theses products are a must and is always remembered as he/she grows up.


the dvds that I purchased were amazing and the kids loved them amazing Christmas gift


We actually bought this video for our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. Believe it or no but she’s always wearing her Spider-Man costume including the mask. She also plays with her spider man action figures. We bought it for her for Christmas so she hasn’t watched it yet...we did and it’s awesome. The perfect gift for Charlotte. I can’t wait to see her reaction.


He was thrilled


Was very happy with the video. My 5 year old grandson loves it.


For Christmas so Grandson has not watched yet but my wife and I watched and were pleased. The movie was good and I'm sure Grandson will love it, Thank You


Bought for my grandson a few years back. It was a hit! Now buying for my nephew who loves Spider-Man.


Very satisfied with the DVD. My little Spider Man was thrilled


Great video. Wish you made more superhero


I have not even received my movie yet but I know it will be awesome! I ordered one for my now 17 year old when he was maybe 8-10 and now I am ordering them for my nephews who are 5&6. These movies are cute and create memories that last a lifetime.


The quality of the video is amazing! My grandson will love this Christmas gift! Thank you very much!


The quality of the movie is exceptional! My grandson will love this Christmas gift! Thank you very much!


Love it. This is the second DVD we have purchased. The boys are so excited to see themselves in the movies. There is no greater personalized gift to give a child you love. Good quality and arrived on time.


Very cool DVR, this is a gift for my grandson and he will love it!



This video was super cute and my son loved seeing himself in it as Spider-Man. Definitely recommend for a superhero lover!


The DVD of my grandson as Spider Man for a Christmas present was a big hit! He was so excited to see himself as Spider Man! The entire family enjoyed watching the DVD on Christmas.

This will be momentum he has for a lifetime to treasure. Thank you! KDNovelties


I bought this for my 5 year old son who just loves Spidey. So when he saw that he was the star of this movie, his eyes lit up like stars. Great gift for any little boy. Highly recommended.

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