Justice League Personalized Super Hero Book Giveaway

We are teaming up with the Justice League and providing a unique and personalized crime-fighting experience.  In conjunction with General Mills new giveaway, we are giving away a free copy of our personalized Justice League book where your child becomes the star of the story. General Mills is currently giving away collectible comic books and crime-fighting gear on specially marked boxes of their cereal, and KD Novelties can help make the experience all the more unique and immersive for kids out there.
Kids can gather their crime-fighting gear from the cereal boxes, provided by the new General Mills promotion, and hunker down with their personalized Justice League book to fight crime and deal out justice. This individualized story puts kids in the center of the action so they can save the day. Kids can immerse themselves in the story where they happen to come upon the Justice League grappling with the dastardly Gorilla Grodd who has let all the wild animals zoo loose at the theme park. Ready for action, kids will be able to help the Justice League, bring the animals and everyone at the park to safety, ultimately saving the day.
Enter Here for your chance to win and complete the action packed adventure for your kids.
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NEW! Personalized Photo Books

Exclusive to KD Novelties ONLY!  This is the best that you can get with a personalized reading experience with your child.  Not only is your child’s name and other features woven into the storyline so is their picture!

Our personalized photo books for children range from light-hearted educational stories to super-exciting adventures, with one thing in common: they are all unique. But what makes them so exceptional? Your child’s name and picture is printed throughout each page of the book as well as the bookcover!

You can help your child become potty-trained, see them as a Superhero or read about them on an adventure with their best friend. Select the book that appeals to you most and order your own, Super-Personalized Photo Book. Available for all skin colors in hard or softcover.