An Even Easier Way to Get to Sesame Street

Personalized Kids Sesame Street books
Personalized Sesame Street Books

Children are encouraged to learn everyday with the help of their friends from Sesame Street.  Kids are even more excited to read and embark on an educational adventure when they see themselves and hear their names featured alongside their trusted Sesame Street pals in the personalized kids books and personalized music CDs from KD Novelties. 

Personalized Elmo Music CD

The well-beloved, long-running show has captured the imaginations of generations of children, inspiring them to learn and solve problems in their everyday lives, and having fun while doing so!  Children will see themselves as a part of the action on the page and hear their name spoken by their favorite characters as part of interactive stories and songs. When kids see their faces alongside Big Bird or hear their name called by Elmo, they’ll feel even more apart of the educational adventure and keep reading and keep learning. There are a bunch of adventures to choose from, whether it’s counting, learning to use the potty, or even spending a day on Sesame Street, KD Novelties offers a variety of interactive and personalized adventures for kids to enjoy. With these personalized sesame street books and music CDs, it’s even easier to find your way to Sesame Street.

Dance Party

Children are just bursting with energy. To keep them entertained (and keep up!) there is one sure way to get the sillies out and wind down…or up.

Throw a dance party in your living room; put on some catchy music, dust off your dancing shoes for some crazy dance moves and have fun, fun, fun.

We have a huge selection of sing-a-long personalized music CDs. Your child will go wild to hear their own name alongside some of their favorite theme songs. The whole family can bop along to Mickey, Minnie and Goofy Elmo or even host a tea party along with their beloved Disney Princesses

We even have a selection of MP3 downloads for your smart gear and on the go. Have a rockin’ time!