Calling All Elmo Fans!!!

This week marks the beginning of a KD Novelties special giveaway! From today until February 7th, KD Novelties will be giving away three personalized Sesame Street books and Elmo plush to anyone who enters.
The set of Sesame Street books include Let’s Count on Sesame Street, My Day on Sesame Street, and ABC and Me on Sesame Street. Each of these action-packed and personalized adventures allows kids to join their favorite Sesame Street characters on fun little journeys that allow them to learn new things. Kids are very receptive to new ideas when they are experienced with people and characters that they already know and love. When kids see their favorite characters in action and have their plush Elmo in hand, they can feel more confident and excited about reading. This can help get kids excited about learning new things and gaining new, useful life skills.
If you take part in this fun contest, your kid will have the chance to win a special personalized package that they can cherish for years. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, kids will feel especially loved upon receiving this gift set from KD Novelties. Each of the three Sesame Street books is completely personalized to include the child’s name, hometown, friends and relatives inserted directly into the story and into the adventure. This gift is perfect for little ones, and especially Elmo fans!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, KD Novelties is showing a little love by holding this contest so enter while you still can!
Personalized Sesame Street Books Giveaway

An Even Easier Way to Get to Sesame Street

Personalized Kids Sesame Street books
Personalized Sesame Street Books

Children are encouraged to learn everyday with the help of their friends from Sesame Street.  Kids are even more excited to read and embark on an educational adventure when they see themselves and hear their names featured alongside their trusted Sesame Street pals in the personalized kids books and personalized music CDs from KD Novelties. 

Personalized Elmo Music CD

The well-beloved, long-running show has captured the imaginations of generations of children, inspiring them to learn and solve problems in their everyday lives, and having fun while doing so!  Children will see themselves as a part of the action on the page and hear their name spoken by their favorite characters as part of interactive stories and songs. When kids see their faces alongside Big Bird or hear their name called by Elmo, they’ll feel even more apart of the educational adventure and keep reading and keep learning. There are a bunch of adventures to choose from, whether it’s counting, learning to use the potty, or even spending a day on Sesame Street, KD Novelties offers a variety of interactive and personalized adventures for kids to enjoy. With these personalized sesame street books and music CDs, it’s even easier to find your way to Sesame Street.