Best Type of Books to Read with Babies

Read With Your Baby

If kids always have reading and books as a part of their everyday lives, they are more likely to develop a healthy relationship with both of them. It becomes more likely that children will pick up a book on their own, even if they are not prompted, which can help spark their interest in learning to read while building their literary skills.

One of the best ways to acquaint kids with books and reading is to introduce it an early age. It doesn’t matter how young your child is, it is never too early to bring books and reading into their lives. But since young children may not yet understand books or know how to read, it does help to expose them to books that they will still be able to enjoy and interact with regardless. So what are the best kinds of books for babies?

Board Books

Personalized Board Books for Babies

Board books are a great first-time book for any baby. These books are easy to look at and play with since babies don’t know how to read yet. The stiff pages are safer for babies who are still developing their motor skills, but it also helps kids learn to use their motor skills and allows them to explore the object physically without getting themselves hurt. Babies like to touch, but they also love to feel around with their mouths as well. It is one of the first ways that babies learn what objects are. Let your baby sift through the pages of a board book and there is no need to worry if they explore the books with their mouths, either. Doing so will allow your baby to develop a relationship with books in general, and simply having them around can help establish them as a staple object in the world that they can become familiar with and explore.

High Contrast Illustrated Books
Kids are easily dazzled by color, which is why toys and cartoons are so whimsically designed. It inspires their imagination and grabs their attention. By drawing your child to the pages of a book, they can begin to learn how to explore narratives through images while they develop this part of their brain as well as this particular learning skill. The images in a book can be just as captivating and educational as the words, especially for kids who have not yet learned how to read and whose worlds are still inherently visual. Engaging kids by inspiring this aspect of their brains can also help to harness an interest in books as well.

Word Games
Books that use language in creative ways can be really fun for children, especially for kids who are learning to speak or learning to read. Things like rhyming and sing-alongs are great ways to interest kids as well as teach them. Rhyme and song are great tools to employ when teaching kids something new, because it makes new concepts and ideas easier to remember.  Rhyming and repeating text helps build your baby’s early language skills.

Where Can I Get Baby Books and Sing-Alongs?

Personalized Rhyming Book

Check out our Little Little One personalized book which has repetitive text and rhyming that will grab your baby’s attention and build their vocabulary and memory skills.  We also offer personalized music CD sing-alongs where we insert your baby’s name into the song.  Lastly, we also have personalized baby board books where you can insert your child’s photo.

By adding this bit of personality into learning or reading, kids are more likely to get excited and more readily engage with whatever it is that they are doing.

5 Clever Ways to Keep Toddlers Entertained (and Occupied)

Being a busy parent is tough, and taking care of your children while trying to complete everyday chores and errands can feel almost impossible at times. In this day and age, it may feel natural to sit your toddler down in front of the TV or the tablet screen if you want them to sit still and be quiet. While this is not always a bad idea, it definitely shouldn’t be your only option. As long as your kids are watching or playing something that is engaging and educational, that’s fine, but setting kids in front of a screen should not be the default. There are plenty of other activities you can have your kids take part in that will keep them quiet and entertained when you need them to be. Whether you are trying to get work done or if you are simply trying to get your kids to calm down, these tips can certainly help give you some ideas.

Kids with Bubbles

Have them Splash Around
It may sound a bit strange at first, but if you are working in the kitchen, plopping your toddler by the sink may be a great idea. Kids love water and toddlers are still young enough where even little, everyday things will mesmerize them for hours if possible. Prop them up safely on a stool or chair and equip them with some soap, sponges and maybe even some of their bath toys – they’ll certainly be entertained.  Bubbles!

Bubble Mania!
Speaking of suds, kids always love bubbles. If your child is old enough they can blow their own bubbles or wave their arms around to make the bubbles form. There are also plenty of battery powered toys that create bubbles for kids to jump around and play with as well. Stock them up with a full container of bubbles and an open space, they will be sure to have fun for a while.

DIY Band

Kids with Pots and Pans

If you don’t mind the noise, just give your kids the pots and pans that you always find them eyeing and let them go at it! If you want a bit of a quieter atmosphere, then plastic containers and bowls will do, too. Kids are natural percussionists, rhythm notwithstanding, so allowing them to bang away on some safe kitchen appliances may even help them tap into their innate musical talents!

Personalized CDs and Music
If you don’t want your kids to stare at a screen but still want them to experience a fun story, then there are plenty of story and music CDs that can keep them engaged, and even active. KD Novelties has a series of personalized music CDs that feature your child’s name into the story or song with well known characters, which can help keep them stay focused on the activities and make them feel like a true part of the fun.

Back to Basics
Toddlers often don’t need anything complicated or state-of-the-art to keep them busy. You can always resort to classic activities like coloring books or even simply equipping them with paper and crayons. And if you’re on the run, you can go even simpler. Kids can have loads of fun with everyday items like empty boxes or keys (if they have gone through the stage of putting things in their mouth).

No matter what it is that you’re doing, it is always important that you keep an eye on your kids. Even if you need them to stay calm and quiet for a period of time, its always safest to check in on them from time to time. Even if you are in the same room, make sure you keep tabs on what your child is doing and if they are being safe. It can sometimes be deceiving when a child is quiet, it can be a good thing or a bad thing, so always be vigilant! But with these simple tips, you can keep your children occupied and entertained while you get some important work done.

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