KD Novelties Releases It’s Newest Personalized Kids Book

Dealing with difference can be difficult for kids. They may feel self-conscious or may even be made fun of at school by other children. Or perhaps they have even made fun of another child for being different themselves. While kids do benefit from direct advice and encouragement from their parents, learning lessons on their own, when pushed in the right direction can make an important impact on them. 
Terrance the Giraffe Personalized Kids Book
Our newest title, “Terrance the Giraffe” a personalized kids book featuring your child with Terrance, sets kids on a personalized journey with the title character who is the subject of teasing because he is different. Throughout the story, kids realize Terrance’s struggles but then help and join him on his way to overcoming his teasing and accepting himself.
Personalized Kids Book
This personalized story can offer an extremely important message for kids. It helps boost their self-esteem if they feel they are different or feel as if they do not fit in. Alternatively, it teaches kids just how hard it is for some of us who feel different and are treated differently. As kids embark on this personal journey with Terrance the giraffe, they learn a bit about themselves, about others, and how everyone should be treated: with respect and kindness. Kids can gain enormous insight through this personalized book, learning to accept and embrace their differences, acting confident when confronted with the issue, and treating others who are different with respect. Learning these lessons in a personalized way helps them develop their character and independence, forming their own opinions, and learning to overcome their personal problems or obstacles in a healthy and independent way.

Create Memories on Mother’s Day

Create Memories on Mother’s Day by Reading with the kids
While Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate all of the moms in our lives, whether they’re our own mothers, sisters, friends or aunts, who are mothers to someone, it is also an important day to spend time with the children. Some kids may be too young to impart any gifts on their own, aside from spending some personal time with mom. Whether your kids are old enough to understand the holiday or not, set some special time aside to be with your children.
Spending family time together is very important. It helps build familial relationships and builds memories, but spending time with each of your children individually helps show just how much you care about them as a person and as an individual. This helps them grow character and grow a strong sense of self. Whether you decide to read and experience a book together, play a game, or simply have an in depth conversation, it is these personal one-on-one moments that kids will come to cherish as they grow older and remember on future Mother’s Days. Here are some things you can do to spend some special time with each of your kids.
1.     Read a personalized book together. Sharing a book together is sharing an experience. You venture out on a journey and remember that experience together. Sharing a personalized book with your child reminds them about how special they are and how much you mean to them.
2.     Play a game. Ask your child what games they want to play with you, and taking part in exactly what they want will create fond memories for the future. Not only that, but it keeps both of you active and entertained.
3.     Tell them a story. Sharing personal stories about when you were your child’s age helps them relate to you as a person as well as a mother. It helps them feel closer to you when you share personal stories and helps them understand you and themselves better.
4.     Ask them about their week and tell them about yours. Talk to them like they are another person, not just a child. This helps them formulate opinions and builds their confidence. They feel important when they are asked about what goes on in their lives and what their feelings are on certain topics, as well as hearing about their mom’s lives as well. 

These activities will stick with them as they grow older and will undoubtedly come to mind on future Mother’s Days. Invite your kids to get to know you and get to know them as individuals so they can grow up and become special individuals themselves. Think of the mothers you will be celebrating this year. Think of all of the things you respect about them and what they have done for you in order to become the person you are now, and remember those moments when creating new ones with your kids as well.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Moms out there from all of us at KD Novelties! 

Get Your Baby to Read

Personalized Children's Books
Personalized Baby Books
It’s never too early to get into a story, and babies are no exception. While babies may not fully understand the concept of a book, it’s important to let them explore and experience books. Our Personalized Baby Books build self-image and help babies with their recognition skills as well as leading to an early independent interest in reading! 

Babies use all of their senses to learn, and letting them experience a book in all of these ways can help your child create a positive relationship with books for life.  Just as babies are more receptive to learning languages during their first three years of life, they are also more receptive to reading as well. 

Children look to their parents for behavioral cues and pick many of them up, especially in their earliest years when parents are their main social connection and teacher. Read to your kids, be an enticing storyteller. Children can learn a lot from vocal cues and no one is immune to a well-told story. Not only that, but parents should read, too. Kids want to do whatever their parents are doing and learn a lot through imitation. Also, have books around the house, baby books, magazines, novels, you name it. Having books available makes books a fixed part of your babies growing world.
Remember, babies are exceptionally impressionable.  Not only can parents read along with their kids, point to pictures and be effective storytellers, but they can play reading games and use letter cards. While children are learning the language, they can learn how to read it at the same time as well. But remember, be patient. Babies will be babies and they learn best when they explore on their own, building a sense of independence. Don’t get frustrated if your baby loses interest or crawls away, moving around is part of their learning experience. Find the right moments to sit with them and expose them to the wonderful world of reading.