It’s Back to School Time!

Back to School

It’s that time of year again: back to school! The sales are on, so every parent and guardian is prepping for the back to school rush – but are your kids? Summer feels as if it lasts an eternity when you’re a kid, so learning that you may have to go back to school, or start going, can come as a bit of a shock to some children. There are some fun ways to help prep kids for the new school year to get them excited. 

Get Back Into Your Routine
Getting kids ready for school takes some preparation. You’ll need to get the kids up on time, have them dressed, their backpacks and lunches packed, and have them out the door and in the car or on the bus when the time calls for it. Jumping right into this school routine can be a bit of a shock for both kids and parents so getting a head start can help you both ease into things. Not only will this make your back to school schedule easier to adjust to, but it will also help everything go over much more smoothly, too.

Get Their Minds in Gear
Introducing educational activities and games can help get kids back into learning mode. Ideally, kids should be exposed to these kinds of activities regularly throughout the summer so that they stay up to speed, but introducing it more so towards the end of the summer can help get kids back into the mindset they’ll need for the classroom.

Visit an Open House
Some pre-k, kindergarten, and elementary school grades hold open house events for kids, parents and teachers. These get-togethers allow everyone to get to know each other. As a parent, you’ll meet your kids’ teachers and their classmates’ parents. For kids, they’ll see what their classroom will be like and who they might be friends with this year. These preliminary meetings also allow you and your kids to get a taste of what their curriculum will be like for the year. Seeing their classmates and their teacher can help get kids ready for when school will actually start, and you can begin brushing up on topics that might have been covered in the open house if you want to help give your child a head start. 

Personalized School Books

Give Them Some Reading Material
Reading has been known to help kids adjust to many different types of situations, and school just happens to be one of them. Get your child a personalized book like the ones from KD Novelties so they can better imagine themselves at school once it starts. Personalized School Books like “My First Day at School” and “School is Fun” can help get any child back in the spirit to learn. When they see their names as part of the story, kids will get excited to find out what happens next and read through to the end. Reading is a great thing for kids to do in general. It is important that you make sure that your child keeps up with their reading level over the summer so that they won’t fall behind.

There are other books to consider, too, like “My School Fun Book” and “Personalized for Pre-School” which are more geared toward activities that can help kids get used to doing classwork. Introducing kids to their coursework in a fun way can help get them excited to start school, whether they are starting for the first time or returning after a long, fun-filled summer.

How to Measure Your Child’s Reading Level before Kindergarten

Personalized Books for Kids
Education doesn’t have to stay in the classroom. For kids, learning should begin at home and there are plenty of things that parents can do to help foster their kids’ education. Reading plays an integral part in academic success and as a parent; you should make sure that your child is at the appropriate reading level throughout their childhood. This should begin as early as infancy through preschool.
Kids may not be able to read fully by the time they are preschool age, which is typically between the ages of 3 and 4, but children should still be familiar with the concept and all of its moving parts by the time they reach pre-school/kindergarten at ages 4-5. The following are helpful signs to see what category your child falls into.

Pre-Reader (typically from ages 2 to 4)
  1. They have been exposed to books and like to hear them read, but they don’t comprehend that the pages have words and that the words tell a story
  2. Can’t identify any letters or words on the pages but shows an interest in wanting to learn the alphabet
  3. They like to play with books as toys but don’t understand that books contain stories
  4. They love the bright colors and illustrations found in the books but do not understand that the pictures depict a story
  5. Pretends to write
  6. Enjoys looking through books on their own

Signs of a Beginning Reader (typically from 4 to 6 years)

  1. Recognizes their own name when written
  2. Familiarity with the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make
  3. Spelling their own name
  4. Needs pictures on each page to help tell the story
  5. Memorizes books and tries to read them over and over
  6. Reads aloud without pausing for punctuation
  7. When not recognizing a word tries to sound it out from the beginning but if not successful, makes up the rest or skips over it.

Wherever the child lacks is where parents need to focus more on, however, we suggest making it fun and turn it into a game.  Kids will learn more and want to learn when they are having fun.  If your child is struggling, there is no need to worry.  You can read with them regularly, play letter based games, sit with them and practice their letters. By continuing to test their skills in a fun way will ultimately help boost their literacy and letter skills.
With that said have you checked out our personalized kids books? Personalized books can be especially helpful for kids who may be reluctant readers or quickly lose interest in books and other educational materials.  When they see their name, they will not only be excited, but they will have a better idea of what their own name looks like and how to spell it!

New Personalized Book Teaches Kids Counting with Animals

Little One, Little One Personalized Book
Kids will undoubtedly learn a lot when they begin to go to school, but there is plenty that parents can do to help prepare kids for the classroom. Learning doesn’t have to only start with school; it should start at home and parents should seize every opportunity. This will not only help kids acclimatize to the atmosphere of the classroom environment more easily, it will also help teach them to look and learn from everything.
One of the most important things that parents can do to help jump-start their kids’ education is to read books to them, with them, and to encourage them to read on their own. Little One, Little One is a favorite personalized book among parents who are looking to help give their kids a head start on pre-school. This personalized storybook keeps their imaginations entertained while also tickling their brains by introducing important skills. This rhyming story book introduces picture counting, helps kids learn and become familiar with colors, and even helps kids with animal recognition as well.
By involving kids with a personalized book, they are more likely to want to interact with the story while building their skills and confidence in reading. When kids are already familiar with these concepts, they will be more likely to excel in the classroom environment and expand their skills even further.