How to Measure Your Child’s Reading Level before Kindergarten

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Education doesn’t have to stay in the classroom. For kids, learning should begin at home and there are plenty of things that parents can do to help foster their kids’ education. Reading plays an integral part in academic success and as a parent; you should make sure that your child is at the appropriate reading level throughout their childhood. This should begin as early as infancy through preschool.
Kids may not be able to read fully by the time they are preschool age, which is typically between the ages of 3 and 4, but children should still be familiar with the concept and all of its moving parts by the time they reach pre-school/kindergarten at ages 4-5. The following are helpful signs to see what category your child falls into.

Pre-Reader (typically from ages 2 to 4)
  1. They have been exposed to books and like to hear them read, but they don’t comprehend that the pages have words and that the words tell a story
  2. Can’t identify any letters or words on the pages but shows an interest in wanting to learn the alphabet
  3. They like to play with books as toys but don’t understand that books contain stories
  4. They love the bright colors and illustrations found in the books but do not understand that the pictures depict a story
  5. Pretends to write
  6. Enjoys looking through books on their own

Signs of a Beginning Reader (typically from 4 to 6 years)

  1. Recognizes their own name when written
  2. Familiarity with the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make
  3. Spelling their own name
  4. Needs pictures on each page to help tell the story
  5. Memorizes books and tries to read them over and over
  6. Reads aloud without pausing for punctuation
  7. When not recognizing a word tries to sound it out from the beginning but if not successful, makes up the rest or skips over it.

Wherever the child lacks is where parents need to focus more on, however, we suggest making it fun and turn it into a game.  Kids will learn more and want to learn when they are having fun.  If your child is struggling, there is no need to worry.  You can read with them regularly, play letter based games, sit with them and practice their letters. By continuing to test their skills in a fun way will ultimately help boost their literacy and letter skills.
With that said have you checked out our personalized kids books? Personalized books can be especially helpful for kids who may be reluctant readers or quickly lose interest in books and other educational materials.  When they see their name, they will not only be excited, but they will have a better idea of what their own name looks like and how to spell it!

Tips on How to Get Your Kids Motivated to Read More in 2015

With the New Year upon us, it’s a great time to set reading goals for yourself and even your kids. Before another busy year gets underway we recommend setting these goals early in the year. Below find some tips on starting the goals and keeping the kids motivated and encouraged in completing them throughout the year.
  1. Make reading goals fun by treating them like games and offering incentives as rewards.  Little rewards like trips, treats and other simple prizes can be a great way to encourage kids to read more in the upcoming year.
  2. Get children involved in their goal setting by letting them design and create their own reading calendar, hence, turning their goal setting into an arts and crafts project. When children are involved in setting their own goals the response to completing those goals will be much higher than if parents created their goals for them.
  3. Take frequent trips to the library and allow kids to get exposed and engaged with new and different stories. Allow children to choose their own books to read. It’s okay if they choose a comic book or a rhyme and riddles book, the goal is that they are reading.  It doesn’t always have to be educational. When kids choose their own books they will make it a point to read and enjoy it.
  4. Build their self-esteem all while promoting literacy by purchasing unique stories starring the child as the main character.  KD Novelties offers personalized children’s books for kids of all ages.  From educational, to fairy tales, to superhero adventures their broad selection of books can help keep kids busy for the entire year.
  5. For younger kids parents should role-play the stories being read or have a costume party based on the theme of the book.  For older kids having them draw or make a collage of the story will help them have fun and anxious to move onto the next book. 

Browse the KD Novelties articles on this blog for more insightful resources and reading tips.

Write Your Own Holiday Storybook

When it comes to keeping kids alert and on top of their education and learning, it may be a bit of a hassle to get kids interested in anything other than the presents they received, holiday traditions, or other related activities. If parents are having a hard time keeping kids focused on their learning, there are ways to redirect their excitement by using their imagination as well as their creativity.
Kids’ imaginations run wild.  If parents are looking for a way to exercise their kids’ brains, they can ask them to write a book, story, comic book, or other medium depicting their perfect holiday or about what they experienced on Christmas or Hanukkah. This can be a great arts and crafts activity that kids can create on their own, with friends and siblings, or even with the help of their parents, grandparents and other family members. Have them draw, color, cut out shapes, craft collages, write short stories and descriptions and let their imaginations take them to exciting new places and possibilities. They can create a series of pictures, a holiday storybook or craft ornaments that collectively tell a story. Kids will be applying a variety of skills to create something fun and imaginative.

Not only will this help kids exercise their reading comprehension, writing, critical thinking and creative skills, but it can also serve as a memento for years and years to come for the whole family. Keep the trinket out all year round or make it a holiday tradition to read around the same time every year. This can serve as a great way for kids to apply their creative and critical thinking juices while also allowing them to create a wonderful family memory that will last for many holidays, and may one day be something that they can share with their future children.
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