Personalized Children’s Books aid in themed reading, promotes literacy

Themed reading is important and promotes literacy.  Reading books that interest your child is a sure-fire way to build enthusiastic readers.  What we mean by themed reading is things or places your child likes.  For example does your child love going to the zoo, dinosaurs, or super heroes?  Get them books pertaining to these interests. 

Getting a themed personalized children’s book has a two-fold benefit.  Not only do our books provide motivation because the child is reading about what they like, but the best part of it all is that they become the stars of their very own story.
Personalized Farm Animals Book

We have many themed personalized children’s books to choose from.  If your child likes farm animals  or have just visited the farm or zoo it’s best to provide them a book to enhance the experience they had.  Putting them in the story is an added benefit.  For those princesses’ we have ballerina books, or ballet books.  Does your little one love having tea parties?  We have a tea party personalized book that also teaches table manners.  Superhero fan?  We have lots of superhero books that will sure spark their interest!

Personalized Justice League
You get our point so if your child is giving you a hard time about reading or just isn’t motivated, following these theme personalized book suggestions should help with turning your child into an enthusiastic reader.