Baby Story Books That Teach Early Math Skills

Teaching children math is easily as important as teaching children to read, for all of the same reasons. Alongside our reading skills, our math skills are used every day as we go about our daily lives. From counting to algebra, geometry and even trigonometry, math skills have practical use for everyone. We calculate currency using math, as well as tax or interest. We measure distances using math, and calculate area and perimeter. Math skills help us tell time, balance our checkbook, and even measure the span of our lives.

However, math often slips through the cracks when we are building a foundation of skills with our infant or toddler. We read to and with our babies, teaching them words and concepts such as shape, color, and texture. Many math skills are things we don’t think of as math skills, such as counting or measuring. We also misjudge “math” as, at minimum, addition and subtraction, which infants and toddlers have not yet developed the cognition to grasp. So our focus often falls upon words and reading, with those activities often considered completely separate from math.

Developing Early Math Skills

The fact is, young babies and toddlers are learning a wide variety of math skills that they will take with them when they start learning formal math in school. A few concepts babies learn just from exploring the world around them include:

  • Shapes
  • Numbers
  • Counting
  • Bigger and Smaller–children begin to understand size relationships
  • Patterns–not just shape and color patterns, but also the pattern to their day, such as that parents go to work and come home regularly or that bedtime comes after dinnertime
  • Grouping–the grouping of objects by what makes them similar
  • Passage of Time

As infants and toddlers learn to manipulate the world around them, they will experiment with the concepts listed above in a variety of ways, such as stacking blocks, grouping items by color, counting cracks in the sidewalk, and indicating their own age by holding up a corresponding number of fingers. In response to the need to teach these skills to young children come many board books that can be enjoyed with your baby, that also contribute to teaching them mathematical concepts. Some of them have colors and patterns that your baby can look at, while others have textures for your baby to feel (and, inevitably, taste).

Counting and Shape Books

Books about counting are stories that encourage children to count in fun ways, such as Counting Kisses, which is sure to bring smiles along with its titular kisses, and Toddler Two, a story about twins counting pairs of things (here, you and your child also touch upon grouping).

Pattern books usually come in black and white, which draws your baby’s eye to patterns and contrasting colors. They pay attention and interact with the book, but the exposure to patterns in what’s really important for their development. Spots and Dots has no words at all, but features geometric shapes that draw the eye and stimulate the brain.

Shapes are frequently found in board books because they can be brightly colored as well as adapted to other mathematical concepts (such as patterns, counting and grouping), but books such as The Book of Shapes give them the spotlight.

Personalized Books

Personalized books add an extra layer of attention, because the math adventures in the books feature your child in a prominent role, usually as a main or pivotal character. Many of these books feature well-known characters, such as Disney princesses, superheroes, or Sesame Street characters. Let’s Count, for example, has children counting with Elmo, Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, and Dora the Explorer personalized books even feature counting in Spanish.

Babies and toddlers are sponges for knowledge of the world around them. The more they experience of life, the more they explore and open up the world around them. As more of the world comes within their reach, they absorb more and more about it. Encouraging learning through reading begins at a young age, and creates a bond with your child that will last a lifetime, but, as you can see, reading doesn’t have to be focused solely on words and language. There is plenty of room in a baby’s mind for learning math and numbers, too!

Customized Baby Gifts to Surprise New Moms

A woman’s first Mother’s Day is the biggest personal milestone of the first year of being ‘mom.’ While flowers and brunch are the traditional way most moms celebrate their day of appreciation, think outside the box by giving a gift that makes that first Mother’s Day personal and much more memorable.

Tailor the gift to her personality. Some women love cute mugs with baby’s handprints or photo. Others want more extravagant presents with a personalized touch like birthstone jewelry that commemorates the baby’s birth month.

No matter what gift you select, make sure it’s well thought out—no last minute rushed trips to stores. Plan ahead and create the perfect inaugural Mother’s Day. Looking for a few unique gift ideas? We’ve got you covered!

Baby Books

Every baby might have a baby book commemorating the first year and beyond. But a personalized baby book tells the baby’s first year in story form. The books includes pages devoted to the birth, homecoming, gifts from friends and relatives and all the classic baby book features including dental records, immunization details and a family tree. However, each page features baby’s name as a personal touch. The baby book commemorates the entire first year of baby.

Story Books

Personalized story books also make cute gifts for new moms to read aloud to their little ones. Featuring favorite Disney favorites including Pocahontas and Aladdin, popular friends like Dora, Elmo and Bert & Ernie, and even beloved classic characters like the Flintstones and Bugs Bunny, all books incorporate baby into the story.  Reading begins at any age, and these sweet stories make wonderful bedtime stories.

Cookie Bouquets

Sure flowers are the tradition—especially carnations. But edible is best! For really sweet blooms, order her a cookie bouquet designed in an array of frosted flowers! You also can create your own cookie designs.


Teach baby about rhythm and beat with a personalized music CD. Baby’s name is included throughout the songs for a fun sing-a-long that both mommy and baby will adore.  Choose nursery rhymes, lullabies or music from Disney favorites or Sesame Street. Motivational and religious CDs also are available.

Baby Videos & Personalized Animated DVDs

Compile a ‘Baby’s Greatest Hits’ DVD that includes the silliest, cutest and most memorable moments of baby’s first year. Most parents have the first roll, first steps, and other firsts (including holidays) caught on video. Set the DVD to her favorite songs for a creative gift that she will watch over and over again. Not sure how to compile a DVD? You can also order movies that animate baby into favorite cartoons like the Care Bears.

Spa Day

The first year of momming is one of the hardest. Long nights turn into early mornings. Sleep deprivation zaps energy, and many moms run on love…and caffeine. Give her the ultimate break with a gift certificate to a spa for a day of pampering. Give her the gift of relaxation to help her unwind for a day of stress free luxury.

Book Club

For a major nod to Mother’s Day, enroll baby in the Book Club Membership. Each month, mom and baby will receive one personalized book with baby as one of the main characters in the stories. The Book Club is offered in two membership levels: 6-month membership (that includes six books) or the 12-month membership. The 12-month membership also includes a personalized birthday book on the child’s birthday month. A Book Club membership ensures that baby will have many stories and adventures with beloved characters that they can re-visit and enjoy over and over again.

Guarantee a memorable first Mother’s Day by celebrating her day with a gift that offers a personalized touch. While framed photos, flowers and brunch nod to tradition, thinking outside the bouquet of flowers is always appreciated. And if you really want to win Mother’s Day, give her gifts that guarantee some much-needed relaxation…and maybe a nap!

Benefits of Reading to Babies and Toddlers

Parents can encourage reading well before their child can read on their own. In fact, there are plenty of ways in which parents can inspire a love of reading in their child before their first birthday. Reading to your child can play a huge, if not central, role in encouraging them to read on their own and to continue reading for the rest of their lives.

Reading to Infants
Newborn babies are born into a (mostly) visual world, and observe the world around them primarily with their eyes. For the youngest audiences, books with little text and big, bright images are a great way to introduce children to books as objects. Children will remain focused on the images, but your voice, the vocabulary, and the act of reading all help introduce kids to books and the routine of reading regularly.

Make sure to stick to thick cardboard baby books, too, since your child will most likely want to interact with it orally as well. Children learn a lot by putting things in their mouth during their early years since their other senses are still developing. Buying durable baby books can encourage your kids to interact with books in a way that they understand and can familiarize them with books as objects.

Babies 13-24 Months
As your child gets older, you can begin introducing books with more words. Reading aloud to children who are just sounding out their first words and beginning to formulate thoughts and sentences can help familiarize them with the sounds and rhythm of speech. A combination of reading to your child regularly and speaking to them can help build their vocabulary significantly. Acting out words, speech, or other parts of the book can help invite child participation as well, encouraging them to interact with the book, the text, and the performance of reading along with you.

The familiar routine of reading, particularly before bed, can be calming for many toddlers. Routine is an important part of a young child’s life and it can help them adjust to new things. By making reading at bedtime (or any other time that works for your family), can help instill lifelong reading habits and inspire kids to seek out books on their own, too.

Many parents are convinced that early exposure to books and reading makes a lifelong difference. Not only can it help children build a strong relationship with books and reading, but it can help them improve and expand their vocabulary and other skills as well.

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