Tips on How to Get Your Kids Motivated to Read More in 2015

With the New Year upon us, it’s a great time to set reading goals for yourself and even your kids. Before another busy year gets underway we recommend setting these goals early in the year. Below find some tips on starting the goals and keeping the kids motivated and encouraged in completing them throughout the year.
  1. Make reading goals fun by treating them like games and offering incentives as rewards.  Little rewards like trips, treats and other simple prizes can be a great way to encourage kids to read more in the upcoming year.
  2. Get children involved in their goal setting by letting them design and create their own reading calendar, hence, turning their goal setting into an arts and crafts project. When children are involved in setting their own goals the response to completing those goals will be much higher than if parents created their goals for them.
  3. Take frequent trips to the library and allow kids to get exposed and engaged with new and different stories. Allow children to choose their own books to read. It’s okay if they choose a comic book or a rhyme and riddles book, the goal is that they are reading.  It doesn’t always have to be educational. When kids choose their own books they will make it a point to read and enjoy it.
  4. Build their self-esteem all while promoting literacy by purchasing unique stories starring the child as the main character.  KD Novelties offers personalized children’s books for kids of all ages.  From educational, to fairy tales, to superhero adventures their broad selection of books can help keep kids busy for the entire year.
  5. For younger kids parents should role-play the stories being read or have a costume party based on the theme of the book.  For older kids having them draw or make a collage of the story will help them have fun and anxious to move onto the next book. 

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