NEW! Personalized eBooks Have Joined the Ranks to Our Personalized Line of Books

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our personalized eBooks for kids. Our personalized stories insert kids into their very own adventure, building enthusiasm that will continue to inspire them to read. By adding personalized eBooks to our line of personalized books, our goal was to get kids (both reluctant readers and bookworms alike) excited about jumping into a personalized adventure in the digital realm where mostly kids are placing their time in.

eBooks are responsible for a significant increase in readership and in frequency of reading among ALL age groups.  Kids are always eager to try new things especially in digital media plus its fun and entertaining and easily accessible and shared anywhere.

As with children’s personalized books, personalized children’s eBooks will be enjoyed by kids of all ages because they love to see themselves inserted into the stories they read.  These personalized stories draw them in promoting literacy while building self-esteem.

We currently are offering five personalized titles available for download and they are priced at $5.95. Our titles include Terrance the Giraffe, Day at the Zoo, Red Planet, Too Many Monsters, and The Fairy personalized eBooks.  Our eBooks are compatible with all devices such as tablets, smartphones, PC and Mac for the child on the go.  Each personalized eBook is filled with colorful illustrations and action packed story lines putting your child into the heart of action and engaging with their imagination.

The end result is a remarkably unique ebook that can be taken anywhere and read anytime.  A personalized ebook is a great gift for any kid reader, whether they are reluctant readers or reading aficionados. Personalized books help kids relate to stories and inspire them to tell their own.

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