Building Self-Esteem Through Literacy

KD Novelties specializes in children’s personalized books, personalized photo books and other personalized products that help beginning readers get excited about reading and learning. By reading about and seeing themselves in the books they read, kids are more likely to continue reading, continue learning, and build healthy self-esteem.
Learning to read can be difficult, but getting a child to read once they know how can be just as difficult as well. Personalized kids books helps make reading more appealing to children. They can better relate to the story, place themselves within the story, and build essential skills that help them read more complex books as they develop. Children who read and can actively imagine what’s written on the page also have a higher chance of academic success, and not only that, but kids who enjoy reading and read frequently are more likely to develop an affinity for learning that continues throughout their developing and adult lives. 

Kids who read at a young age are more likely to be motivated and independent learners, and by doing so also tend to have a higher self esteem. By learning reading skills at a young age, especially with books that include their own faces, kids are more likely to develop these skills and retain them for life. They build a healthy relationship with reading, learning, and most importantly, themselves.

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