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Great Brain Games for Children

Brain-training games have grown in popularity, especially with the rise of smartphones where thousands of apps and other games are made available on the go. Many games, especially those featured on sites like Facebook, are aimed towards Baby Boomers, claiming to reverse aging and prevent things like Alzheimer’s. While these sorts of claims are more difficult to prove, brain-training games have worked wonders for kids who are still actively learning, growing and developing, especially kids with learning and language disorders. Brain games can help kids build essential skills that help them process things like problem solving or help boost their memory.

Language Games

Language games may involve building essential skills for English but there are also fun, free apps out there that can help children learn to speak other languages, too.

For parents looking for native language boosting games in English, has plenty of vocabulary games that can help children master the alphabet, learn new words, and practice their spelling. PBS also has plenty of reading games that focus more on word association, reading comprehension and writing aspects of language.

Language games can help kids develop key communication skills, reading comprehension skills, and it can boost their vocabulary (reading and speaking) significantly, too.

Math Games

Sites like and feature traditional puzzle-solving games like Sudoku, chess, and more but they also have plenty of games that focus on specific areas of math like addition and subtraction, geometry, ratios and percent’s, and much more. has a grade-level feature so kids can play games that are appropriate to their age, grade, and skill-level and divide games into categories to make finding specific types of activities much easier. This is a great way to help kids struggling with a particular topic at school and can make studying much more

Memory Games

Parents may be familiar with apps like Lumosity, but this app actually gets a significant amount of revenue from kids as well as adults. Memory boosting games can be both challenging and fun, encouraging kids to develop skills that are useful in everyday situations as well as a myriad of different school subjects, too.

Puzzle Games

Parents may be more familiar with games like Tetris and Bejeweled Blitz (as well as other games like it) but these are great games to introduce to kids, too. Spatial reasoning is an often-overlooked skill and it can be applied to many situations and circumstances. These games encourage problem solving within a timeframe, which can be anxiety-inducing for some kids, but can also help children make better, more informed decisions on the fly, making moves based on educated guesses without overthinking.

There are many sites with plenty of resources, links and information on games for kids. Brain boosting games can be an essential tool for kids with learning disorders or children who may not benefit as much from a traditional school setting. Trying a different format for learning can be incredibly life changing, and fun, too.

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Why Children Should Learn Other Languages

There are many inherent benefits to teaching your child to learn a second language early on, or at least encouraging them to do so. For parents who are bilingual or multilingual, teaching your child another language alongside English can be easy. For parents who only speak one language, accomplishing this becomes more challenging. Whether you speak more than one language or not, there are several ways to help encourage your child to learn new languages, which can help them build better communication skills, increase their global awareness, and help them perform better academically.


There are many books out there that teach basic English vocabulary alongside that of other languages like Spanish and French. By introducing kids to other languages early, they are more likely to pick it up and be able to pronounce more complex sounds. As kids get older, they may begin reading books entirely in their second language, however, that depends on the fluency of the child or if a fluent parent is there to help.

Games and Apps

Being bilingual is highly encouraged in academic spaces as well as in the job market, so it’s no wonder there are so many more fun opportunities for people of all ages to pick up a new language. There are kids games and activities that can help teach vocabulary, but there are also free apps like Duolingo that provide interactive lessons in a variety of different languages. Parents can have fun joining their kids in these activities and may just pick up some skills, too!


Traveling abroad is a great way to instill your child with inspiration. Learning about other places, cultures, and people can inspire kids to take a more active role in learning another language while also helping them become more globally minded individuals as they get older.

Family Matters

If you have family that lives abroad, or even if your ancestors were from a particular country, learning more about them, where they came from, and what language they spoke can be an interesting way of getting back to your roots. Families with older generations that still speak other languages can also be a big help, plus getting together for lessons or practice is a great way to spend time and make memories.

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