How Reading More Can Make Kids Kinder

Child reading educational books

Reading has been linked to many successes, and for the most part is often discussed in relation to a child’s academic success. Related reading skills, like writing and comprehension, can help kids better understand new ideas, abstract concepts, and retain information. When it comes to personal growth, reading can broaden a child’s mind, expose them to new perspectives, and give them insight to others’ experiences in a unique way.


Reading can be an exploratory experience. Even if you’re sitting and reading a book in your own home, the words on the pages of the book can transport you anywhere in the world. For kids, being exposed to other cultures, ideas, and kinds of people can be incredibly beneficial for their developing minds. Learning about other parts of the world and the people that live there can be educational, but it can also be informative in a different way. People in different parts of the world may have different kinds of daily struggles, ways of life, and modes of thinking and speaking, and learning about these things can be important for people of all ages, especially children. Understanding different kinds of people opens doors to greater tolerance and understanding, and also helps kids understand that despite many things, different people can also be similar as well.


Reading a book from someone else’s perspective, whether it be fiction or nonfiction, can help kids understand how other people feel and better understand others’ emotions. This can translate to interpersonal interactions easily, making it much more natural for kids to sympathize and empathize with others, understand where they may be coming from, or what they may be going through.


Understanding emotions can also help kids become better at communicating their own thoughts and feelings, too. A better understanding of emotion, and the thought processes behind it, can help kids see themselves in others and have a better idea of how to handle delicate situations. Expressing oneself is just as important as understanding other people’s emotions, and when kids have a more thorough understanding of these things, it makes it easier for them to know how to comfort others and recognize situations in which they can help someone else.

Kindness often comes from a place of understanding and seeing situations for what they are, even if it is from a different perspective. The more kids understand about other people, cultures, and situations different from their own, the more tolerant, caring and compassionate they can be as they grow into fully fledged adults.

How Children’s Adventure Books Encourage Active Lives!

Reading children’s adventure books inspires creativity through imaginative adventures, and getting lost in a book doesn’t just happen in a child’s mind. Acting out a story lets children become part of a story…and interpret the adventure.

Role-playing and imaginative adventures based on plot lines from favorite books also help get kids up and outdoors to engage in a healthy dose of activity. According to the Centers for Disease Control, “children and adolescents should do 60 minutes (1 hour) or more of physical activity each day.”

Reading, of course,is also an integral part of a child’s growth and development. Reading aloud for 15 minutes each day greatly helps children learn phonics skills, boost their comprehension and help them develop a love of books. As kids grow older and learn to read silently to themselves, books introduce them to new worlds and ideas.

Inside the pages of children’s adventure books are adventures and discoveries. Mysteries unfold and creatures come to life. All this excitement can’t and shouldn’t be contained within the binding of the book. Let kids act out their favorite stories and characters and help them realize how they can bring their stories to life!

Pirate Adventures

Reading pirate themed children’s adventure books or maybe even Treasure Island with your kids? Round them up and go on a real treasure hunt! Grab a map (or make one!) and head outside. For this adventure, make up a list of interesting loot to find. Today ye be pirates!

Ahoy, mateys! If ye can’t think of a list o’ loot, here be some suggestions: a coin of each denomination, a flower, a four-leaf clover for luck (yes, they do exist!), a dragon’s foot print (a bird’s will do!), and some seeds that fly (helicopter seeds or dandelions).

Head to Hogwarts

Kids quickly become entranced by the Harry Potter series. Suddenly, they want to be sorted and live out the adventure!  Take them to be sorted on Pottermore—the official Harry Potter online site. Pottermore offers sorting for both Hogwarts and Ilvermory (the American school). You also can have your wand assigned and discover your Patronus. Once you and the kids get sorted, make up some wands and have some wizarding adventures. Look up local fan clubs and join in some Hogwarts fun. Or just let them play outside and pretend to act out the adventures. You can play the role of a teacher…or a student (we won’t judge).

Teaching Fairy Tale Fun with Children’s Adventure Books

Classic fairy tales in children’s adventure books can be the basis for many fun adventures. Use fairy tales to uncover real stories about princes, princesses and even the world around us.

Take kids on field trips to explore caves—like the one Aladdin explores—and lighthouses (like the tower that housed Rapunzel). Behind the fantasy, there are real lessons kids can learn from children’s adventure books, and you can use them as the starting point of some very educational outings. Though you could also just let the kids dress up as knights and go out in search of dragons!

With a little imagination, parents can take kids on fantastic journeys based on the stories they love. Reading with kids doesn’t just develop their growing minds. Books plant the seeds of adventure. Embrace their curiosity by planning storybook-themed activities and encouraging kids to recreate their favorite characters and stories. Imagination breathes life into the pages of print and turns an ordinary book into an exhilarating and joyful journey.