Award Winning Book Featured at the Book Expo America!

Book Expo America 2015

We are excited to announce that our award winning personalized children’s book, Where Do Dreams Come From? is being featured as a New and Upcoming Title at the Book Expo America in NYC at the Jacob Javits Center.  If you’re in NYC we would love to see you! Stop by and take a sneak peak of our book.

Where Do Dreams Come From? has won several awards by parent organizations such as the Mom’s Choice Award, trusted by the world, parents, educators, retailers and the media.

Our book can be found at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC from Wednesday, May 27th – Friday, May 29th located at booth 3105.

Where Do Dreams Come From? Personalized Book

About Where Do Dreams Come From?: A personalized storybook that aims to answer the question in an exciting and creative way.  On this personalized journey, kids set out on an adventure through the realm of dreams.  Kids will embark on a quest through Dream Land.  While in Dream Land, kids will learn how and where dreams are made.  Perfect bedtime story and will get children in the mood to explore their own dreams, to anticipate the adventures that they can have once they close their eyes.

Can’t make the trip to NYC to take a sneak peak at our book? We are offering 15% off on this award winning title using coupon code BookExpo2015 at checkout. Expires June 2, 2015.

New Personalized Book: Where Do Dreams Come From?

Where Do Dreams Come From? personalized children’s book
Kids are constantly learning about the world around them. They explore different ways to learn about themselves and about everything else as they age, first with their mouths and with touch, and then with their eyes, and soon they begin to ask questions. As kids learn to speak, they begin to ask more and more questions. Children want to know about everything, especially about things that they experience everyday, where things come from and why things happen. While parents can easily try to answer these questions, it is much more fun to show them.

Personalized Bedtime Book
We have come out with a new personalized book that can answer where dreams come from in a fun and exciting way. In “Where Do Dreams Come From?” kids will embark on a journey through Dream Land where dreams are made. On their personalized adventure, kids will learn all about the Dream Machine where dreams are made and all about the fairies that make sure all children around the world have happy dreams every night. This imaginative tale will keep kids’ imaginations running wild and may even help get them excited to go to sleep! Reading this adventure before bed is the perfect way to say goodbye to a good day and embrace a good night’s sleep full of exciting and imaginative dreams.