5 Fun Things to Do With Your Kids on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and what better time to get kids excited about the spring months to come than by celebrating the holiday with some fun activities? Kids may be eager to get on their feet and to get outside, and whether the weather is permitting or not, some of these St. Patrick’s Day activities can help them celebrate all things green and lucky in preparation for the warm weather to come.
Leprechaun Hat Garland

1.  Arts and crafts always make for a great holiday activity. Kids and parents can join together and make a variety of decorations, pictures and even items that you can dress up in for the occasion once they are finished. You can cut out and string together your own four-leaf clover garland! Drape it over your doorways or along the walls for decoration and good luck! Construction paper leprechaun hats and beards can make for funny costume accessories that you can wear throughout the day, as well.

2.  Baking is an activity that parents and kids can always find a way to make appropriate to fit a holiday and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception! You can have fun with shapes and scenes by creating four-leaf clovers, pots of gold, gold bits, rainbows and other items that you and your kids can dye with food coloring or decorate with frosting and sprinkles!

St. Patty’s Day cupcakes

3.  The weather may still be a bit chilly for some today but spring is still around the corner. Reading can still prove to be an exciting activity and personalized books, can encourage and excite kids about all of the activities they will soon be able to do outdoors when the weather gets warmer.  Books such as “My Fishing Adventure”, “My Camping Adventure” or “My Tea Party” can help inspire kids to move their activities outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.  You can also have a St. Patrick’s Day themed tea party outside or catch some fish to accompany a St. Patrick’s Day dinner!

4.  Take it outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and go on a scavenger hunt! If the snow (for those on the North East) allows it and has melted enough, you may be able to look for four-leaf clovers in your backyard, neighborhood or local park. If going outside is too difficult, make some extra four-leaf clovers when you make your paper garlands to create an indoor scavenger hunt, with additional chocolate coins and rainbow items thrown into the mix!
5.  No matter what sort of adventures you’ve had today, encourage kids to write and illustrate their own St. Patrick’s Day adventure book! They can write about an imaginary adventure or they can write about all of the fun things they did earlier today – or they can write about a mix of both!  Having kids write their own book can help boost their writing skills and their interest in reading. It will also give them a final product that they’d be proud of and that that they can share for years to come.

St. Patrick’s Day Tea Party

Tea Anyone?

Tea Party Personalized Book

Imagination is a powerful tool. Kids have this in abundance and it is something that should be fostered. Imaginative capabilities are directly linked to creativity, innovation and critical thinking skills. Allowing kids to exercise their imagination helps them develop key skills that help them understand complex concepts as they get older. It also helps them imagine hypothetical scenarios, whether they are imagining their own future or trying to solve a word problem at school. One of the best ways to let kids’ imagination flourish is to let them play pretend. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to playing pretend, but some games of make-believe stand the test of time. Tea parties have been and are still incredibly popular among young girls, and with good reason – tea parties are lots of fun!

Disney Princess Personalized CD

While tea parties allow young kids to imagine new, fancy personas for themselves, tea parties do come with some rules and instructions. This just makes the game all the more fun. KD Novelties has just the thing to help a tea party underway. My Tea Party personalized book places your child into their very own tea party. With this book, they will learn about the first tea party in England while learning all about wh
at they need to have their own tea party with their friends! They can learn how to brew tea, how to make watercress sandwiches and they’ll even learn some traditional table manners that will make their imaginative tea party feel all the more real.

One of the key parts of tea parties is the dressing up! And when little girls dress up, what do they love to dress up as? Princesses, of course! KD Novelties also has a personalized Disney Princess CD that will be perfect for the tea party preparation. Your child’s favorite Disney princesses will sing to them using their name, guide them through the process of getting dressed up, teach them proper manners all while preparing their very own tea party at the castle with all of their favorite princesses!

The Disney Princess Tea Party Gift Basket makes a great birthday present for any little lady. This basket includes the My Tea Party personalized book, Disney Princesses personalized music CD, as well as their very own tea set! Your little girl will be able to have a personalized tea party adventure that she will never forget.