Are You Raising a Digi-Toddler?

There is no denying the differences of our own childhoods in comparison to those of kids today. Even kids who grew up ten years ago did not have the childhood that kids today are brought into. Practically every aspect of our lives has become digital and this technology has found a niche in the developing demographic. Kids are enamored with these illuminated screens and dazzling animations, but how does this new technology affect the way these kids will develop?
The proliferation of this digital technology has seen a rise in literacy. Kids are becoming well acquainted with language because of the games, apps and programs they use on tablets, television shows and their parents’ phones. This technology begs kids to explore them, by introducing them to language, words and prompts at earlier ages. Not only are kids learning to read more widely without being urged to, they are also fast becoming technologically literate, as in learning a new language.

Over the past 20 years, computer and technology based education has been a necessity in order to teach the youth about this fast growing field of information. It is incredibly difficult to navigate society without knowing your way around today’s technology. Kids growing up and being born into this new generation are learning to navigate this technical world as they are learning to navigate the physical world around them too. They will have grown up with technology all of their lives and will much more easily adapt to and understand future developments and changes in this informational sphere. 

Immersive” and “enticing” are the words that describe this technical world we live in. However, it can prove difficult to tear your child away from the TV screen or pry their fingers from a tablet. While their time spent with technology is valuable, so is there social development. Face to face interaction helps kids develop a healthy social life and develop key social skills. Interacting with people is important for developing social as well as behavioral skills. Kids also need time where they are stimulated by their own minds and not a screen. Time spent outside helps them develop a sense of independence and sense of self. 

Encourage them to read a book, make art or create their own game. Personalized Books for kids make great attention grabbers because children read about themselves in their very own story.  Personalized books enhances the reading experience, builds self-esteem in children and gets them motivated to want to read.  Exercising their imagination helps them develop key critical thinking and understanding skills that are invaluable in the academic atmosphere as well as solving their own personal problems.

Light Up Your Child’s Imagination With Reading

The benefits of reading are widely known. Reading builds upon a person’s ability to communicate by expressing their inner thoughts and feelings or recounting events in an effective way.  A love for reading has been known to act as a precursor to a lifelong love of learning. Being able to read and read well makes it easier for individuals, especially kids, to grasp new concepts and bits of information. This aspect of reading is perhaps the most important. Reading and acquiring information helps children have more vivid imaginations, and according to studies conducted by child-development experts, imagination plays an important part in cognitive development.
Reading Personalized Books

Believe it or not, an active imagination helps kids understand reality. The ability to imagine scenarios, stories, and characters helps kids learn about other people. When we converse, we share stories. When we listen to stories our friends and family tell us, we are being asked to imagine a series of events that have not directly happened to us. Imagination helps kids learn this valuable concept. It also helps them grasp abstract ideas like the future or the presence of possibilities beyond the present.

Reading is a fundamental tool to developing imagination. The outcome of reading helps children and readers of any age, to imagine things that are not directly happening to them or relaying information they are not directly observing. 
Personalized books can help reluctant readers develop a love for learning as well as develop fundamental imagination skills. Our personalized kids books help kids imagine themselves in the stories they are reading and makes it easier for them to mentally place themselves within these abstract scenarios and situations since they are placed directly into the story. Therefore, children can better transition into reading books about other characters and grasping more abstract concepts and ideas.
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