Get Your Child Enthusiastic About Reading

 Parents it’s your job not the schools to get your kids to read books that will interest them…Sorry.

Some parents rely on the school system to provide the literacy education that the child needs but in fact it is the parents’ job to find books that will interest your child and get them to read or if they are not able to read yet, YOU can read to them.

This can be as simple as getting books that your child can relate to.  For example if they are learning how to ride a bike, get books on bikes.  If you’re going on a camping trip, get camping books.  Have you made a trip to the zoo lately?  Get a Zoo book. 

Freedom of choice is a key to getting them motivated and excited.  They get to pick out their own books which will motivate them to read.  Most children complain that there is no book that they want to read or are interested in.  This can solve the problem and there will be “no more excuses.”

Let them read whatever they’d like especially boys.  If all they want to read is comics, joke books, pop-ups, let them.  Boys have different reading needs than do girls.  As long as they are reading they are building their literacy skills.  Libraries are the best places for kids to find books that kids will gobble up and most bookstores and book websites offer a large variety of children’s books.

Reality Check: Due to technology gobbling up most of parents’ time, most of us don’t realize that we are failing our kids as role models.  The best role models are in the home (parents, siblings, grandparents) and not in the schools.  It is important that your kids see you read (books and newspapers) all the time.

Incorporate into your household 20 to 30 minutes of reading either daily or on special days of the week.  These 20 or 30 minutes would be considered a drop everything and read (no television, phone, computer, or anything that can be a distraction) that goes for parents too!

When parents read with their children, they are fostering the bonds of healthy interpersonal relationships. The benefits of reading are unequivocally positive.

Top 10 Reasons why a personalized children’s book is better than a traditional children’s book

  1. Builds self-esteem and encourages reading
  2. Children read about themselves in their very own special book and not about other characters
  3. They become part of the story and take part in the adventures in each storyline
  4. Every child wants to be recognized for doing something really special and in our personalized books they either join their favorite super hero in saving the day, help save animals from a storm and many more heroic actions
  5. They get to include friends and family members in their own story
  6. Any milestone or event in a child’s life (for example they just visited the zoo, went on a camping trip, is taking ballet lessons, loves sports, learning their numbers or ABCs, first day at school, loves tea parties); we have books to meet every special occasion or milestone. Purchasing a book reinforces what they are already doing and best of all they are part of it!
  7. Seeing their face light up when they hear their name in the story
  8. Treasured keepsake these personalized books are kept as memories and never given away or sold
  9. Their photo is included (in our personalized photo books) on the cover and throughout the pages in the story with their personalized information. You can’t get any more personalized than this!
  10. Personalized gifts are more treasured by the recipient than traditional gifts. Who doesn’t want a gift with their name on it?
  11. We know we said ten reasons but we couldn’t resist the 11th!

  12. You will be the best loved parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, sibling, babysitter, or Godparents in the whole world for giving that special little one their very own special book created especially for them!