Disney Personalized Books

The upcoming holidays are on everyone’s minds – especially children. When it comes to holiday magic, there is nothing that compliments the season better than the magic of Disney. Disney films are always instant classics, and for many families are the stories that parents pass down to their kids for generations. The films are always fun to watch, and we have a series of personalized Disney books that can place your kids right in the center of the story!

With personalized Disney books, your kids can go on daring adventures alongside their favorite characters. With popular titles like Frozen, kids can join Anna as she embarks on a quest to find her sister Elsa before Prince Hans finds her first in a race to save the kingdom. They can even join in on the fun in Disney and Pixar’s latest Finding Dory as they help reunite Dory with her loved ones. On these adventures, kids take part in all of the action and all of the fun, so they can feel like a part of the story as well. With the personalized Aladdin adventure, Aladdin and Jasmine ask your child to accompany them on an adventure to find the Genie who has gone missing. The story brings them around the world where they’ll look for clues and try to solve the mystery, so not only will they join their favorite characters and become a hero of the story, but they’ll also be encouraged to be brave and engage their critical thinking skills at the same time.

Personalized books have proven to help enthusiastic and reluctant readers alike by making your child feel special, by inspiring their interest in the act of reading, discovering and learning, and by engaging positive skills and modes of thinking. With these personalized Disney adventures, your kids can live out their fantasies while learning at the same time – and creating a memorable experience, too.

We have over 25 Disney adventures for your kids to embark on, including Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, Finding Nemo, The Avengers, Star Wars, and much more.