Terrance the Giraffe Personalized Kids Book Wins Creative Child Magazine Award

Winning an award is a thing of prestige. It denotes importance, but depending on where the award comes from can determine just how important that award is. Recently, KD Novelties “Terrance the Giraffe personalized children’s book” has been granted best book of the year award from the Creative Child Magazine’s Awards Program. Unlike most other programs which administer awards on the word of a single judge or small panel, the Creative Child Magazine’s Awards Program uses the opinions and judgment of a wide range of individuals, from moms, music educators, to early education professions in choosing it’s winners.  What makes this award so unique is that every product was tested and used based on factors such as creativity, literacy, kid friendly and many more categories.
Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year Award

“Terrance the Giraffe” is a personalized story from KD Novelties that helps kids sympathize and empathize with Terrance, a giraffe who experiences adversity and bullying. Bullying is a huge topic for discussion for parents and kids alike. Whether kids are the victims of or the witnesses to bullying, this book puts kids in the shoes of a friend that helps Terrance overcome his problems. It puts kids on a journey that teaches them how hurtful bullying can be, and that overcoming bullying is possible as well. The message of this book applies to every child, whether they have been bullied, have bullied, or have seen someone else be bullied. By making the story personalized, children can connect to the lesson being taught while also embarking on their own personal journey.

Terrance the Giraffe Personalized Children’s Book