Reading Like a Super Hero

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman

Who is your child’s favorite super hero? Time to put on your capes, grab your lasers and put your magic parent powers to the test; cuddle up on the couch with your child and catch up on adventures of your favorite

Maybe it’s Wonder Woman; Amazon warrior princess or Spider-Man who can scale walls, leap tall buildings and has a keen spider sense.

Talk about your child’s special powers, what makes them unique and super cool. Are they a super nice friend? Do they have a keen sense of kindness? Maybe they have extra awesome manners. Be sure to let your child know all of their super powers and how neat they are.

To make super hero reading time even more special, check out our Super Kid Personalized book. With colorful illustrations and their very own monogrammed super hero costume in the book, this book can be so much fun.

As always, be sure to have fun with reading time. Engaging your child in reading early on is key to creating an interested and independent reader in the future.