Happy New Year!

On behalf of KD Novelties Personalized Children’s Books we wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year’s. What are your New Year’s Resolution or Goals for the upcoming year?

Reading is one of the most important things to do with a child so why not make that priority this year to read more with your child and set aside some family reading time if you have older children. If your child is younger, picture books are a great start and ask questions about the pictures you see. You can turn a simple 5 page picture book into a learning educational tool.

Show excitement when it’s time for reading. Everytime you pick up a book put a smile on your face and get excited. As you all know children repeat and react to things as they see adults do. Therefore, the next time your child sees a book watch and see how they will get excited. What great pride as a parent it is to see their face light up.

Did we convince you?

Make reading as part of your goals this year with your children; you will not regret it. Bring forth and SHARE the magic and love of reading.

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