Dora Personalized Photo DVD’s starring your child

We are now offering personalized photo DVD’s featuring Nickelodeon’s popular character ‘DORA the EXPLORER.’ Personalized photo DVDs makes your child the star of their own cartoon adventure with today’s most popular characters. Your child’s FACE and NAME are incorporated into the cartoon animation.
This particular photo DVD features your child as the star of their very own birthday adventure. Your child appears several times throughout the DVD. The storyline features Dora and her pals trying to figure out Whose Birthday Is It? while they go on an adventure to Play Park to ultimately find out who the secret person is. Your child is the secret star of this cartoon animation appearing in a mystical flying balloon ultimately revealing themself to Dora and her pals towards the end at Play Park and celebrating their big birthday party. Dora is heard saying the child’s name throughout the cartoon as your child participates in this 26 min mystery cartoon.
View a sample of Dora Whose Birthay Is It here

In this personalized photo DVD Dora Diego and Me, your child goes on adventure with Dora and her cousin Diego to rescue a Baby Jaguar. With the help of Diego an excellent animal rescuer your child jumps, runs, swings and even flies to the Jaguar’s rescue. Your child is featured throughout this personalized photo DVD with Dora, Diego and Boots. This photo DVD is personally our favorite because it is an action packed adventure that will keep your child peeled to the television while seeing themselves with their favorite characters. Dora is heard saying your child’s name throughout the DVD which is approximately 22 mins long.

View a sample of Dora, Diego and Me here
requires to have your child’s name available since Dora speaks your child’s name in the cartoon feature. We have an extensive library of names but if you are unsure please contact us prior to ordering.
Requirements for the photo: Child must be facing forward, full head shot with no part of the face or head cut-off, no obstructions to the face and head (hat, bows, face paint, etc), and a good quality picture. JPEG or GIF format okay.
Both our DVDS are reasonably priced at $29.95.
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