Planning a Kid Friendly Road Trip

Going anywhere with children in tow can be challenging. Making sure that everyone is well behaved, taken care of and thoroughly entertained is enough to deter any parent from going on a trip with kids period, but there are ways to plan outings and make them easier to manage. Making some small adjustments and keeping things in mind can make road-trips a possibility again, plus everyone can have fun and enjoy themselves in the meanwhile.

Pack on the Snacks

No road trip is truly road-ready until there are snacks on board. Make sure to pack some treats as well as healthy snacks to help make sure everyone is satiated and happy. Kids can get testy when hungry or tired, and any length of time in a car can feel like forever to someone young. By making sure that you have an ample amount of snacks, you can rest easy knowing that kids will be comfortable and content for the length of your ride.

Small snacks are best, especially if you plan on making pit stops at restaurants or other places along the way. Pack small baggies full of bite-sized fruit, pretzels, or even make little finger sandwiches that are fun to eat and are less likely to make a mess in the car.

Plan Accordingly

It not only helps to know where you’re going, but where you can stop along the way. Look for landmarks, shops, or lookouts that may pepper the route to your destination. Not only can these fun detours add to your vacation experience, but they can provide your family with some time to take a break from driving, get up and stretch, and make any long drives seem shorter. Even if stopping off for a bite to eat or to check out a roadside attraction actually adds time to your trip, kids have a different perception of time and are prone to getting bored or frustrated on long car rides, especially if they aren’t able to get up and move around. By planning fun little stops, you can add more fun to the journey itself, making breaks more enjoyable and your trip more memorable overall.

Ready for Anything

Before heading out, make sure that you have everything packed. It definitely helps to ensure that you have all of your essentials and some other necessities in case of emergency, but when it comes to packing for a long trip with children, you may need a few backup items.

In addition to having your clothes, first aid kit and other items, you may also want to pack a few toys, books, or any portable entertainment gadgets you have, like travel DVD players or handheld gaming devices. These can come in handy when kids get a little too rowdy, especially when their patience is running thin. Many kids have a hard time sitting still for extended periods and they may grow bored easily, leading to cranky outbursts and bad moods. Making sure that kids are entertained cannot only help keep them quiet, but can be fun, too.