Learning Starts at Home

Help Kids Read and Learn
Kids begin to learn from the moment they are born. They use all of their senses to take in the world around them, learning through experience, observation and by experimenting with the tangible world. Reading is a vast part of learning, especially as kids grow older. Reading is significant because it helps kids learn about the intangible world; books relate concepts and ideas to kids that they may not be able to experience in person. This is especially true when it comes to posturing hypothetical situations and problems or even learning about and imagining past historical events.
However, reading is something that should not be exclusive to school alone. Since kids begin to learn immediately after being born, it is vital that kids begin reading at home. This will not only prepare kids for formal schooling, but it will help encourage them to continue reading and learning outside of the classroom. Learning is something that happens constantly, and some kids may learn from habit that education only happens at school. There are opportunities to learn everywhere, everyday, and reading helps boost kids’ skills, imagination, creative ability as well as their critical thinking and evaluation skills.
It is important that parents equip their kids with the necessary skills before entering Kindergarten. Reading is one such skill. Even teaching them the basic alphabet and simple words and letters can help them significantly. Encouraging kids to read early on is also beneficial for other reasons. Many conditions, such as dyslexia, are easier to treat and accommodate if they are identified as early on as possible. This will make future learning much easier and kids; parents and teachers will have a better idea of the tools needed to succeed.

Parents should not rely solely on schools to teach their children. Every school, teacher and classroom environment is different and will inspire different modes and types of learning. If children know how to learn on their own and are already equipped with the building blocks for learning, kids will not only be successful in the classroom but will be able to hold their own in any endeavor as well.