Why You Should Read Classic Tales to Your Children

There is no shortage of classic tales, and versions of them, to choose from when reading to your child. It may seem like a no-brainer to share classic fairy tales and other stories with your children, especially since many of them have also been made into live-action or animated movies that have become classics. Aside from tradition itself, there are some benefits to sharing these stories with your kids and they can have a lasting impact on their lives as well.

Cultural Importance
One of the most important reasons to read classic tales to children is for the cultural impact. Many different countries and cultures share similar fairy tales, and each one has differences and twists that speak to their unique cultural values and traditions. Sharing specific tales with your kids can help expose them to their own culture, depending on where you and your family are from, and it can also help introduce your kids to the cultural traditions from around the world. This can be an eye-opening experience and help kids learn more about other people and places, while potentially opening the door to an interest in learning about other cultures as well.

Active Imaginations
Speaking of eye-opening, fairy and folk tales can help inspire children to use their imaginations. Having a vivid imagination is linked to creativity but it is also directly linked to abstract thinking, understanding new concepts and learning new things. Kids who have active imaginations are more capable of thinking outside the box and are more likely to be creative when it comes to solving problems or approaching challenges.

Critical Thinking Skills

Many psychologists agree that fairy tales and similar stories can help to improve the critical thinking skills of developing children. By examining the actions and consequences that affect the characters, children can make inferences and learn about cause and effect. They can also develop an understanding of how all decisions and choices have outcomes, and that the nature of these decisions and choices can direct the outcome of a story or a person’s life overall.

Moral Tales of Caution
Many classic tales also have rather clear-cut concepts of right and wrong. Many of these stories have been used as tales of caution for children specifically through the years, and much of the moral take-away remain in many of these stories. Things like talking to strangers, trusting others, asking questions and other good things to keep in mind are also stressed in these tales often, and can help act as an example when trying to teach kids valuable lessons and develop key skills that will help keep them safe and smart.

Pure Fun
Most importantly of all, classic tales are enjoyable. There is a reason they have remained a part of our oral and written culture for so long, and all over the world. There will always be new interpretations and new spins on old stories, so having some familiarity with the classics can be good fun but can also help open kids up to a whole world of imagination and entertainment.

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